adidas weightlifting shoes


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Hi! I've finally found an online shop to buy weightlifting shoes (I live in Spain and here it's pretty hard to find one) and they sell the ADIDAS Powerlift 2.0 and the ADIDAS Power Perfect II. They have nearly the same price and the ADIDAS Power Perfect II has a much higher heel so, which one would you choose? I've been using chuck taylors and I think that I need I higher heel, but I don't know how higher. I don't do regular deadlifts but I do high bar squats, power cleans, romanian deadlifts, bent over rows... Thanks in advance.
Ok please send the link in spaning, no problem. Sweden and Spain Both are within European community so delivery her will probably work too.
Gracias. About same prices I have sen here. Just for your information. I have seen sites that let you order to us address and resend out of US for small fee.
I know but I'm scared of custom duties if I order it outside the EU. tnx anyways. I still have the question about wich one to choose.