Dr Darren Candow - New Creatine Doses, Myths, And Benefits


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Interesting podcast of David Maconi with Dr Darren Candow about creatine:

Another interesting report about timing:

  • Creatine of 3 to 5 gram daily gives the benefits to maintain muscle mass but extra 10% of body weight in kilogram gives extra benefits for the brains, ...
  • Delays sarcopenia at older age.
  • Increase muscle lean mass + strength.
  • No disadvantages or risks.
  • Increases bone health.
  • Both muscle types (I + II) can raise the amount of creatine in the body, but type II fibers can contain more. This means that people with more type II muscle fibers can store more creatine.
  • Creatine stays in the body for 28 days to come back to baseline.
  • No evidence that cycling increases compared to daily intake, but these studies will come in future.
  • Recovery of people that take creatine is quicker vs people that done take extra creatine supplement.
  • The timing report show that creatine after the exercices are more beneficial. This contradicts with what Bryan Haycock was writting in the HST ebook, where he suggested to take it before training +/- 15 minutes. So I wonder why Bryan is lying :p joke. I am still waiting for a reaction from Darren on the timining, very curious. No it's just a interesting discussion before or after, probably Bryan had a reason to write it. Hope he reacts ;)
I liked the podcast and the report of Dr Darren Candow, other articles of Darren are also interesting.

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