Normo's log...let's do this!!!

Yeah, nice squat set. Did you do that as a myo-reps set? What flavour of squat are you doing?
Cheers lads. Did my 10 and then did an incline press set. Rested for a good 3 minutes as that 10 was hard. Then broke the rest into smaller chunks with a 30 to 40 second rest between mini sets until I got to 25 reps trying to make sure I didn't hit complete failure and just until rep speed slowed down considerably.

More of a low bar back squat and I alternate it with front squat every workout. The last hst cycle I alternated front squat and sumo deadlift which was ok but I think doing the heavier back squats are really helping front squats as they don't feel nowhere near as heavy this time around.
Learnt something today...doing an A/B format and getting to the final workouts are tricky to manage recovery.

As you can probably take from that opening sentence today was really tough. Maybe down to the last workout been so close to failure on first sets or Haven't really been sleeping well over last week due to work stresses. Also whilst at work I'm lucky to drink a glass of water a day never mind a litre. Bloody work.

Front squat 100kg x6 (beyond me why I jumped from 90 kg last time to 100) then dropped to 95kg and did 8+3+3+3+3+2+1
Decline press 95kg x8 (then I went back and did another 10 reps and thought that was easier. Didn't realise someone had taken weights off the bar and only had 80kg on. Doh!!) So did 4+3+3+3 of 95kg
Rack chins bw+22kg X 9+6+5+5
Military press 57.5kg X 9+5+2
Deadlifts 130kg X 6+2+2+2
Pull throughs 70kg×12 / sissy squats very slow X12. Will try add weight.

That's all I had time for before I had to shower and get to work. So not a bad workout just not great. I suppose I am still ahead of the weights and reps of previous hst cycles so gotta keep believing.