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  • Hi Blade,
    After your first and second HST cycle, did you noticeably look larger? I read that you put on 10+ lbs. My goal is to eventually look like Spider-Man but for now it is to make my shirt stretch a bit more =] I've gained 6lbs in 4 weeks and am happy(but as always want results now).
    Good evening,
    I've been using Myo-reps since October 3, 2009. I'm 51 years old with unimpressive genetics. I have been working out over the years so I'm not brand new to weight lifting. Here are my stats on Oct. 3 and today. (Measurements are in pounds and inches.)

    Oct. 3, 2009
    Weight 126.5
    Body fat 10%
    Shoulders 42.25
    Upper arms flexed 13
    forearms 10
    Chest 33.5
    Chest inhaled 34.5
    Waist 28.5
    Hips 34
    Calves 12.75
    Thigh 19.5

    March 20, 2010

    Weight 141.5
    Body fat 13%
    Shoulders 44.25
    Upper arms flexed 13.25
    forearms 10.5
    Chest 34.5
    Chest inhaled 36
    Waist 31.25
    Hips 36.5
    Calves 14
    Thigh 21.5

    Thank you for constructing such a sound and easy to use system.
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