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    your results with HST...

    Ah okay, I see what I did. I saw Nov 04 as November 4th, not at the year 2004. No wonder something seemed out of place.
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    your results with HST...

    Near 50 lbs. from November until now, Liege? Either you're using AAS, you're adding way too much fat, or you're a liar.
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    Aerobic with 5 x 5

    For the SF program, I'd avoid HIIT unless you're already accustomed to HIIT. Even then, I'd keep it at once a week and drop the Wednesday squat. On dual-factor, sprinting would fit nicely during the intensity phase. A sprinting session can easily take over a squatting session though, so if you...
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    HST principals with 5x5/SFT

    I wouldn't change my routine very much, whether bulking or cutting. The only thing you may want to add would be depletion work if you're going that route on your diet.
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    Super Squats Hip Belt I'm thinking of ordering one of these so I can work on my leg strength while I still have a lumbar spine injury. I've had no pain lately, and I'm still moving boxes at UPS. That involves a lot of deadlift/bentover row movements, but I've...
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    Training Lats - Two Exercises?

    Would adding weight to dips and chins (assuming you trained these exclusively for upper body mass) give you a thick chest and v-taper? I mean, I know they WILL, but I feel like those two alone can't cut it, since you're limited on how much weight you can use. Then again, as I was saying, adding...
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    Training Lats - Two Exercises?

    From what Vicious told me some time ago, the easiest thing to do was to squat, deadlift, dip, chin. That would cover pretty much all bases for most people. Once you built a foundation on those four, you could bring up any lagging areas. This is my goal once I start lifting again. I was trying to...
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    Training Lats - Two Exercises?

    I've heard in the past that you should train the lats with two exercises, dual to them being a bi-pennate muscle or something to that effect. Does this hold any significance? Is it true that someone can't gain a nice v-shape and a thick back without doing more than, say, pullups and deadlifts?
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    Multi-vitamins & Multi-minerals

    I've heard before that a lot of store brands, as well as popular brands like "Centrum" have a low "bioavailability". Is this true? If so, are there any tests done to show what vitamin and mineral supplements are ideal in terms of the body's ability to uptake them? And adding...
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    More Cals + Exercise OR Less Cals

    That's funny, 'cause I have a similar job. I work for UPS and you start with grunt work. I unload trucks right now at a rate of about 1500 packages per hour. They range from 1-70 lbs., and the pace is quick. This is done Monday through Friday for three hours a night. I'm eighteen and eating 23x...
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    More Cals + Exercise OR Less Cals

    I've heard it before, that eating more and burning it off through exercise is better than just eating less calories to begin with. Why is this?
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    Liquid Bulking Diets

    Have there ever been studies done to show that trying to gain weight on a diet consisting of liquids is the same as trying to do so with solids? If not, what do you experts think? Been talking with my cousin about this when it came up earlier today, so I figured I'd ask here. From what I...
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    Are there any studies

    I think ZMT gives a pretty realistic perspective there. The difference is nominal, and unless you want to stress and fight for every scrap you can get (or if you BB for a career), then don't bother.
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    Stomach Vacuums

    I agree. I haven't seen any fluctuation in strength that has been out of the ordinary. Still, I do feel as though I'm in much better shape. I think it must be as you said. Our athleticism has probably been 'enhanced'. If you were to go out and play sports (assuming you don't already), then you...
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    Stomach Vacuums

    I liked the program immensely. I finished it now. Currently I'm not doing any heavy lifting, since I got a new job that requires a lot of physical labor. I just do 2x10 for squats, dips and pullups - I feel those three hit the entire body nicely, and can probably develop solid, functional...