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  1. think ive got my first cycle sorted.....maybe :confused:
    ...or am i doing too much :confused:??
    i will be working out three times per week
    am used to working out max ot stylee so...
    5 days a week, plenty of sets.
    here goes

    2 x squats 9 sets per weeks legs
    1 x leg curl
    2 x bench press 9 sets per week chest
    1 x incline press
    2 x db curl 6 sets per week bi's
    2 x db skull crusher 6 sets per week tri's
    1 x 4 arm curl 3 sets per week 4 arms
    2 x db shoulder press 9 sets per week shoulders
    1 x lateral raise
    1 x shrugs 3 sets per week traps
    2 x swiss ball sit ups 6 sets per week abs
    2 x pull down w/n 12 sets per week back
    2 x cable row

    i dont do calves as they are large in comparison to the rest of
    me, they took a beatin' in my days as a fattie
  2. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'd say that is a pretty doggone good routine deviant.

    For my body, which may not need the same emphasis as yours, I would probably make the following changes:

    Change flat bench presses to dips. Dips are, in my opinion, a better exercise for the chest as well as hitting the triceps pretty hard.

    Decrease to one skull crusher because of the work done involving the triceps with chest and shoulder presses and dips.

    Decrease to 1 curl as your biceps are a small muscle and will get plenty of work with your back pulling exercises.

    Change to 1 shoulder press as the shoulders will be hit pretty hard with other exercises.

    Increase to 2 shrug exercises. A good set of traps are always impressive, even when fully clothed for winter.

    Add a low back exercise such as hyperextensions.

    Anyway, the routine you have set up is pretty good. Let us know how you like HST.
  3. just finished my second round of 15s

    gonna change to 1 set for shoulder press
    man that second set even though it was 8 kg off my 15 rep max hurt like hell [​IMG] ( was the last excersise )

    doin 3 sets a week for bi's is scary :D
    can you actually grow from just 3 sets??

    cant change flat bench to dips as my stupid @$$ gym has no inc bench press... :mad:
    and my 5 rep max is heavier than their heaviest DB [​IMG]

    will replace the inclines with it though, as a side note..
    ...ive never actually done dips, in two years of training.

    many thanx O & G

    oh how long u been doin HST O & G
  4. MicroBerto

    MicroBerto New Member

    Devient, sounds like you did your homework. Keep us informed on how you do.

    Track your changes, and WATCH YOUR CALORIES/PROTEIN!!

    If HST is failing you in whatever you're trying to do, it's most likely the diet.

    I use http://www.fitday.com to log EVERY SINGLE THING i put into my mouth. Works like a charm (takes a bit to get your food customized and into a good routine, but I love it when i'm on cycle).

    Another beauty of HST is its customizability. I went in wanting to do assisted dips and pullups, but that machine is currently broken. Subbed in pulldowns, oh well. Go with what your gym can handle, it's not always a bad thing if you outgrow your gym :)

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