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  1. I have 2 questions. One is: after I finish off my ten rep cycle with say a bench of 160 and then start my five rep cycle with say 150, will that slow down my hypertrophy since my weight and reps would decrease from one workout to the next. Secondly, at some point wouldn't your growth stop since you cannot continue to add weight to your lifts (I mean wouldn't you eventually have to build up to a 500 lb bench press if this was the case?)...Thanks in advance
  2. No, see the snippets I put up in this thread.

    Yes, hence the whole purpose of SD, a way of resetting the sensitivity to lower weights again.
  3. I'm new to this program which I read in a mag. from bulk nutrition. Do I do my whole body every other day or do I group them; say chest, shoulders, triceps, day 1, back, bicep, day 2 and legs day 3? Day 4 start over. Day 1 which was today was chest 3 sets each, flat, incline, decline, shoulder presses, tricep, push downs. All peformed @ 15 reps. Tomorrow; back, dead lifts, pull downs, seated or bent dumbell rows, bicep; barbell curls, all 3 sets each. Next day either leg press or squat, & calves 3 sets 15 reps. Abs done every day! After 2 weeks increase weight to acommidate the 10 rep sceem. And after 2 more weeks increase weight to do 5 reps for 2 more weeks. How does this look?
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    You have things confused. Try clicking on the "HST" tab at the tope of the page. There you will learn what you need to be doing, and even find a sample routine. If you have any more questions after reading up, just ask!!
  5. I did what you said to do baby a and I understand now, thanx

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