adding HIIT to HST??  Is it ok??

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  1. I know it's near impossible to burn fat while gaining muscle but I at least want to maintain fat while gaining muscle. Is it ok to include HIIT on off days of HST?? Here is a good article on HIIT and it says how to add it to a HST routine. Would this be ok?? (second link goes to HST routine)

    For the HSTer:

    Mon: Workout 1

    Tues: 100m HIIT (6-8 sprints)

    Weds: Workout 2

    Thurs: Off

    Fri: 100m HIIT (10 sprints)

    Sat: Workout 3

    Sun: Off
  2. xarfox

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    its very hard to gain muscle without gaining fat, most here will probably tell you that you can't put on a lot of muscle without at least a little fat

    its faster to bulk and add lots of muscle / little fat
    then cut to lose lots of fat / little muscle

    then it is to try to carefully increment

    if you do HIIT you will probably end up burning too many calories and have nothing left for adding muscle, HIIT would be great for a cutting cycle however
  3. colby2152

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    Xarfox is right... My first cycle I burned fat while putting on muscle, but I blame most of that to muscle memory.

    It depends what your goals are for a given cycle... if you don't want to flat out cut, and tone up a bit, then do some HIIT on the off days.

  4. ok thanx for the replys. I think I am going to bulk up now for the next 6 months. I am 5ft 11 185lbs right now. If I can get up to 200 that would be AWESOME. I'm shooting for about 6 months from now to get there. It's going to be tough but I am going to go all out. If I can get there then I will try cutting but I don't want to lose all that hard-earned muscle while doing cardio. I just want to burn the fat at that point while maintaining muscle. What would be the best way to do that??
  5. colby2152

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    What is your bf%?

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