affected strategic deconditioning?

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    Hey Everyone. I finished my first Hst cycle 10 days ago with great results. I gained about 10lbs with little fat. I got much stronger, especially my lats - I was using the right amount of weight and volume for them. I think before on the pull down I could get about 6 reps at 180, by the end of the cycle I could do 215 6 times.

    After my cycle I went on a retreat in oregon for 6 days. For 5 of the days there we were doing static holds raising the arms, enough to make me a bit sore in the shoulders by the end of it. I also did a few push ups but nothing straining. I want to get back to the gym but I am thinking I should wait a few workouts to do shoulders again, and possibly chest? I might have to only do machine flys for chest for a couple weeks because of a old hand injury that was reinjured over my vacation as well. Thanks.
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    SD can range from 9-14 days. Say you were active for 5 days. Well, add 9 and that's 14 days. So extend your SD to 14 days if you're so worried about SD.

    Regardless, I don't think you'll be hampered that much by a few body weight pushups and some static holds. But you can always play it safe.

    I wouldn't not focus on a couple body parts unless you have an injury.

    As for the hand injury, I'll leave that to the other posters.

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