an experimental routine using short periodization

Discussion in 'General Training' started by imported_ectoman, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I am thinking of experimenting with periodization to see if I can increase strength and hypertrophy more rapidly than HST has done for me currently.

    It would be a 6 day, full body, 1x10 for each exercise, using around 10 exercises, day 7 is an off day. I will use the HST method of increasing load each workout up to my 10 RM. ie. day 1 will be around 70% of my 10 RM and day 6 will be my 10 RM. Once I make the 10 RM I will increase the weight 5%. The 6 day cycle will repeat each week the same way dropping back to 70% at the start and working all week up to my 10 RM.

    Reasons why I want to do this are several:

    The weekly periodization allows me to push to positive failure while avoiding overtraining.
    I can keep my pump without having to use drop sets.
    Workouts can be kept brief. 30-45 minutes
    The potential for strength gains are better than an HST cycle.
    I can maximize my frequency.
    I can avoid using a 5x5 strength program which would be too hard on my joints after 6 months.

    Anyone care to comment?
  2. Although no one seems interested, FWIW here are my results after my first week:

    All girths taken cold are up 0.25 inches. Big deal some may say. Here's the kicker...I started right after heavy 5's + drops with no SD. My muscles look full and I feel great.

    Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy rocks!

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