Anyone know what is considered too much water for

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Ruhl, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Anyone know what is considered too much water for keeping the kidneys healthy? I read that too much water is not healthy for the kidneys, but is in fact unhealthy for them. Can you please put down a healthy water intake as compared to bodysize in a creatine using bodybuilder?
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    128 oz a day is most likely the maximum amount you can drink w/o harming your kidneys. Most researchers and Doctors reccommend no more than 64 oz a day. (The classic 8, 8 oz glasses a day) I'm pulling the 128 oz number from an article I read on CNN a while back intended to discredit the bogus claims that people were not getting enough water.

    Most people get their 64 oz one way or another without even trying. All food contains water in some form or else you could not heat food in a microwave. If you drink a lot of caffine it may be counter productive to getting enough water depending on the level of caffine, but even caffinated drinks contain water and could sustain you somewhat. Beer contains mostly water. Although the alcohol will supress the hormone that lets water into the bloodstream, there is enough water in most beers to counteract this problem and could not only sustain you with water but can be a temporary food source in dire situations.

    I would ignore any reports that people aren't getting enough water, this is baseless and bogus misinformation. Getting too much water however can definately cause problems if done often enough.
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    Under google do the following search:

    too much water for kidneys

    that should help your question I hope.

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