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    Hi all,

    A bit of background. I'm 35 years old, strong built, but a thick layer of fat very homogenously spread through my body, so i look good dressed up... And thats about it ;-)

    More statistics: 6. 4 and 230 pounds at about 19% bf. I never got lower than 15% bf. I tried everything and anything: cardio, eating less :), zig-zaging, low carbs, keto, and even UD2 (i even gained weight on UD2, f***** unbelievable if you ask me)

    I discovered HST about 5 years ago. Not quite the gains most people seem to have, but still quite impresive strengths gains, but above all I started again enjoying going to the gym.

    So finally I have come to realize I'll never be ripped and I'm ok with that, so i decided to come back to the basics and at least enjoy my training, so I'm back to HST after 2 years (maybe 3, even my previous user in the old forum got deleted) and came back looking for advice to set up my training.

    PS: I'm going to try the renegade diet, not so much for the get-lean promises, but because it looks easy, healthy, well suited to HST and above all, it looks EASY. After many years carrying food containers, i got fed up!

    PS2: I'm Spanish, so please forgive the typos and grammar mistakes!

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