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my question is what would be a good beginner strength program for adding mass and strength? currently im finishing my 2nd hst cycle at 105% 5rm. any thoughts on bill starrs intermediate 5x5? would this be too much volume? btw im 21yrs, and have no previous experience with weights other than the 2 cycles of hst. how about this> ? im limited to a powerrack so im sticking to bench/row/ sitting overhead press( low ceiling)/ and sqauts. ive also read somewhere beginners for the mostpart are able to add weight each workout to a point.
At your stage you don't need to do anything else except lift consistently and frequently whilst continuing to increment the loads. I can't see any reason to switch to anything else at this point in your training. You should be able to make consistently good gains in strength and size, cycle after cycle, for at least the next 5 or 6 cycles. Don't forget that there is a correlation between muscle size and strength. If you only wanted to increase strength and not size then you would need to do more failure type training.

HST is very flexible, so you can adapt your program to match your level of conditioning whilst still sticking to its principles. If you fancy a 5 x 5 for a bit of a change, you can always start it at the end of the second week of 5s. When you can't add any more weight to the bar, SD and then start over.

You don't mention deadlifts. If you want to gain mass and strength you really should try to include them in your program. Along with squats, they will help you to pack on the pounds if you have your diet in order.

I'd also suggest learning to power clean while you are young and flexible. Adding in fresh exercises each cycle is a good way to stay mentally fresh and will give you new physical challenges too. Front squats are a great variant to back squats.

Get yourself a copy of Mark Rippetoe's 'Starting Strength' to help ensure that you are learning correct form and technique. You may be surprised how much there is to learn about even the most familiar exercises like squats and bench.
(jesuslikeskfc @ Jun. 05 2008,7:23)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">im limited to a powerrack so im sticking to bench/row/ sitting overhead press( low ceiling)/ and sqauts.</div>
If you can row, bench, press, squat and deadlift you are not limited to anything

Ditto with Lol on everything, just want to emphasize about doing deadlifts and about getting the book Starting Strength to learn proper form. If you really want to change routines this book (SS) has a great beginner strength routine. You could also try adding a chin-up/pull-up if you don't have the equipment any playground is an insta-gym.
really appreciate the advice and gonna keep with hst, and definitely going to get that book starting strength. currently the past 2 months ive stuck with back squats, close grip bench( shoulder width), bent bb row, sitting mp(ceiling), and shrugs in order. decent setup?, so far its been working well with the exeption of 2nd cycle i was not satisfied with results... shitty sd, on crutches and moved some furniture one day.... hope thats the case. better sd next time! figure keeping it simple will also get more results this early on. as far as deads go, should i alternate between squats and deads every workout? how would that look? s+10%,dead+10%,s+10%? also with powercleans, how are they on the wrists?
Really any programme will work for beginners. But the best ones, are those where you do things like squats frequently, in order that you practice technique a lot, so HST and SS and Stronglifts 5x5 are very good, in that respect. For beginners the main principle is linear progression and technique perfection. Actually, the latter should be one's priority.

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