Best Place to Buy Home Gym Equipment


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Morning all,

Sadly my office is moving into the middle of nowhere so i will no longer be able to visit the local gym at lunch.

I'm thinking about setting up a home gym in the garage (although i may miss the gym banter too much!).

The first issue i've come across is where to buy dumbells etc. I don't want to spend hundreds on some fancy brand new weights as i'd be quite happy with some old metal ones, however i've looked in the local papers etc and people only seem to be selling really light weights. I'm no Arnie, but i'd want a pair of 50kg dumbells minimum for chest press etc. Where's the best place to get them?


Ian, you may need to buy some decent db handles to allow you to load them up with +100lb a piece but, for plates, the owner of a gym where I used to train gave me this tip: put a 'wanted' ad in a local paper rather than just hope you'll spot some for sale in the classifieds. Folks often have weights knocking around in their garages but never get around to selling them. If they see a wanted ad they might just be inclined to pick up the phone and give you a call. You may find you get swamped with offers, which is often what happened to the gym owner I mentioned.
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seems to me there is no difference where to buy. Need to choose the best price , how long warranty and explore reviews about the equipment