Biotest Mag-10

Ghost I have yet to use it myself, and probably won't, i've read spotty things on it.  The product that seems to have the most potential to me is the 1-test products, and the one that seems the best is the transdermal by avantlabs called ONE.  I just did my first application today I do another one tonight and then continue that everyday for the duration of my cycle(6 weeks).  Most people report 15-25 lb body weight increases after a few weeks.  I'm excited.  I searched for threads on how to adjust a routine before I posted my thread but didn't notice this one.
WOW.. thanks very much!  You probably saved me from makeing a big AND expensive mistake. I will be very interested in seeing how you do on this product!

Appreciate the feedback.
I got mine from but have found that has it for a bit cheaper especially if you buy more than one bottle.  Its by avantlabs and its called ONE.  

Their is also a version called one+ and it has a little bit less 1-test in it and adds 4-ad.  The 4-ad gives you some estrogenic effects like retaining water, which is supposed to be somewhat beneficial, and it helps with your libido, ONE by itself shoots your libido into the ground for most people.  Bad thing about the 4-ad though is that it can cause other estrogenic effects too like gyno, I'm going to just get some of the nasal 4-ad and use it in the middle two or three weeks at a moderate dosage.  The nasal 4-ad gives you a quick rush, good for before a workout.  Get the stuff from ergopharm called psycho-diol.  You can buy the powder in bulk instead of in that little nasal sprayer and just get a nasal sprayer your self and fill it with the powder and water yourself and get alot more for your money.  If that last parts confusing I can explain it better in a few hours I have class in a few minutes
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (workinprogress @ July 15 2002,10:49)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Bad thing about the 4-ad though is that it can cause other estrogenic effects too like gyno[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
&quot;4-AD has never been implicated in causing gyno and does not raise estrogen levels&quot; -Bill Roberts.

As to whether 1-Test is better than Mag-10, I don't know.  The typical results posted with each have been amazing.  I myself have used Mag-10 along with a modified version of HST with great results.
Yeah I've also read that it doesn't directly change into estrogen. But its reccomended for stacking with 1-test because of estrogenic properties like making you hold water. I think its that 4-ad converts to testosterone and testosterone is able to aromatise to estrogen thereby causing the water retention and possible gyno. I don't know for sure though.

here is the product page where he talks about ONE+

I'm just going to take the ONE and probably supplement the 4-ad in the middle
Thanks for all the input. I ordered the One product from Avant Labs. I also ordered the Cyclodial product in powder form, but have no idea where to get the nasal sprayer or how to mix it up. The instructions for the Cycldiol say to mix and drink?
A1-E is a 1-test product found right within Mag-10. You get 4-AD-EC too in one neat little stack. Economical? Well, I gained 27 pounds body weight in 2 cycles with only a 2% increase in bodyfat while using it.

I currently went back to try it during a cutting cycle again to preserve lean mass and have dropped 5% bodyfat while GAINING 3 pounds concurrently! Mag-10 is for real in my book.

Those results are simply amazing. How often did you use the product? Did you simply swallow it or did you hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds?

Were you following the &quot;Mag10 Plan for Success&quot; Diet and exercise regimen when you got these gains?

Those results are definately what I would expect from a true steroid replacement. Did you use any other products in addition to the Mag10 (ala success plan, or such?).
Ghost - yes,

when I gained the 27 pounds with 2% body fat - I did use the Plan for Success Protocol....followed it as close to a T as possible. Felt a little overtrained with the 2-a-days...but the end result was the bomb and everyone made comments, it was great.

this current cycle I am completing with the 5% bodyfat drop and 3 pounds bodyweight gain....I used 2 consecutive cycles of Meltdown Training and used the Mag-10 while performing both Meltdown II strength sessions. here to maintain the gains, however, I have had to use it 3x a day- still well worth it!

I have never touched an &quot;actual&quot; steroid per say and can boast a bodyweight of 206 pounds with a BF% of a little over 6%. I actually had a feedback letter posted during my second week of this cycle at T-mag and plan to give them updated results of this cycle. mag-10 is all they say it is - but admittedly, I was skeptical too at first - but you have 90 days with a money back guarantee, so go for it.
I hope I am not being a nuisance with all my questions. These forums here at HST have been so great, it is the first time I feel I am getting honest information to help me achieve my goals. I have tried in earnest to gain muscle a number of times, but always came up short and ended up giving up in frustration.

I turned 39 a few months ago and am in terrible shape.. just kinda gave up a couple years ago.
I wiegh 230 at approx 25% bf.. and am 6'3&quot; tall. Bad news, indeed.

Soo.. I have made a crusade to find the best training, nutrition, and sumpplements to help me succeed this time around. I was very intrigued by the Mag10 product and the articles &quot;Growth Surge project&quot; and &quot;Mag10 Plan for success&quot;.

I had kind of settled on the HST training regimen as a program that seemed to make sense. Yesterday I went and identified my 15's maxes, plan to find my 10's tomorrow and my 5's on Monday. I am now debating if HST program coupled with the eating plan layed out in the &quot;plan for success&quot; program coupled with either Avant One or Mag10 would be better or if I should just go with the full &quot;Mag 10 Plan for success&quot;.

Arggh. :) But thanks again for the info and I am very excited by the results you received!

I'd be super interested in any recommendations you might give and exactly how much of the mag10 you used, when, and how. Anything would be of help, cuz as I say, I'm new to this and there is so much for me to learn.

A good example: I went to my Gym and purchased some creatine yesterday. Only to find on the forums that I got taken. I bought the Creatine Serum by Mass Muscle USA, which I hear now is totally worthless.

Live and learn! :)
OH! almost forgot to ask.. since BF reduction is very important at this poing (for obvious reasons) what is this Meltdown program you are talking about? That sounds like EXACTLY what I need to do, turn up the heat and melt about 30 pounds of FAT!
Ok, not certain if this breaks the rules or anything -b/c this is the supplement forum and I don't want to step on toes, but one thing lead to another and I am not certain it would make any sense if I decided to now post in a different forum.

Hehe.... now, that my disclaimer is through, I would like to say that if you travel yourself on over to and check out (just type it in the search box at the left) - Meltdown I and Meltdown II.

These programs by Don Alesi are phenomenal, if you choose to lose bodyfat - btw...I did Meltdown I during weeks 1 and 2 and 5 and 6, Meldown II during weeks 3 and 4 and 7 and 8 (using Mag-10 during Meltdown II which is more for strength preservation)....find a column called Iron Dog too for an idea of additional supplements to use in a protocol called Ripped in 8 Weeks within that column. This is what I followed and though my initial stats were better than the guy who asked the question, my results were still phenomenal.
How would I go about doing this?

I ordered the cyclodiol from Ergopharm, but no mention of any nasal sprayer anywhere. The directions say to mix with water and drink. What would be the ratio for using in a nasal sprayer and where would I find such a device?

have you had good results on the ErgoPharm front in the past?

Have you heard of others having good-->great results with Cyclodiol in particular?

What are your plans with it...i.e.- when do you plan on using it, etc...?
The story is in this thread. :)

I basically just got started lifting again.. in the past I had always melted away fat but could NEVER seem to gain any muscle.. maybe around 5 lbs lean mass over several months still leaving me around 190 lbs at 14% BF at 6&quot;3&quot;. SOoooo.. this time around I am going to try some products to boost what may be a low testosterone factor or poor anabolism (hehe, is that a word?).

Soo.. while reading a LOT I came across the Mag10 thing. I thought it sounded good. I also had come across these forums and my impression was that these forums were free of a lot of BS that so often seems to confuse me. There was a good amount of posative things said about the ONE product by Avant Labs. Workinprogress recommended using the ONE product in tandem with Cyclodiol nasally, which I had read in other places was a good product to stack with 1-Test products. Sooo.. here I am.

My goals?

Well, I am currently 227 at 25.2% BF. I started a diet called &quot;The Metabolic Diet&quot; by Maurio Pasquale 12 days ago. At the time I was 232 at 26.7% BF (BF all by the handheld electrical measurement thingy at the Y)

Since I am so out of shape (been a sitdown job for the last 18 months with ZERO activity in terms of exercise or outdoor activities.. I was hoping to hold on to or gain a bit of LBM as I started to cut the flab.

I was thinking that I could get to under 20% BF while adding a few pounds of muscle. From there... /shrug who knows. Eventually would like to see myself back at the 14% BF level and still in excess of 200lbs. Seemed that with some of the results I was hearing about with the Mag10 or ONe product.. maybe by adding some good muscle my metabolism would kick up and start burning off some bodyfat.. rather than just diet hard and get back down to string bean body comp. :)

I welcome any suggestions anyone might give. I would LOVE to add 20 pounds of lean muscle and lose 15 lbs of fat in as short order as possible. Unrealistic? I am 39 years old, so I've decided that this is the time to get going and add some muscle before it is too late (maybe it already is).

Heck, I'd consider taking &quot;gear&quot; (hehe, hadn't heard it called that prior to recently) but I have ZERO knowledge about it and no way to get it even if I did. Soo.. I am willing to spare NO expense and work as HARD as possible, be DILIGENT as possible on nutrition, and supplement the best way I can.

Ok, I tried to answer your question as fully as I could. Hope that gives you some insight about me. Hopefully none of these hardcore guys will laugh too hard reading my account, but I always think honesty is the best policy and if I'm not candid, how is anyone going to be able to give me the best advice?
A bit off topic considering this is the supplement forum however, sometimes the three cannot be separated:

- How's the diet?
- What does your current workout routine entail?

Currently I am following &quot;The Metabolic Diet&quot; plan, since I really need to cut the fat and try to keep as much musle as possible or maybe even add some (though I know that I shouldn't really expect to, since it is usually an either / or proposition. What that means is I am consuming around 2500 calories a day, while keeping my carbs under 30 grams and on weekends I'll be carbing up (or refeeding, as the popular term now seems to be) for a period 1 day. (Sunday, where I'll aim for 60% if my calories to come from good complex carbs, and keeping the fat fairly low.

I began the HST training program and am in the 15 rep progression stage after working on cardio and basic conditioning my first 2 weeks (and getting my 15, 10, and 5 rep maxes by actually testing 15's, rest, 10's, rest, and 5's rest - where each rest = a day off)

Once I get my BF to under 20, my current plan is to then reevaluate and find the best way to put my body back into growth while gaining as little fat as possible. Then once I've reset my metabolic clock, do another cycle of fat loss to get around 15%.

That is my plan based on the questions I've asked and what I've read. It may be that I'll be able to tweak the Metabolic Diet even during the bulk up cycle to give me the results I desire during the &quot;don't diet&quot; part of my diet. :)

But, as always, I am open to suggestions and recommendations from you guys on this board. I've looked around and read a good number of boards, and this forum is the most helpful and logical in its approach.

You all have been a great help, and I really appreciate it.