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  1. I was wondering just out of curiosity what one could accomplish using only bodyweight exercises. For example, what if the upper body routine consisted of dips, chinups, push ups, pullups and the person built up to doing a large number of the exercise every day or every other day? How big would a person be doing 200 dips every other day, provided that they aren't really light in bodyweight? What about setting up a HST routine starting at maybe 25 dips per workout and increasing to 75 by the end of the cycle?

    I was just curious to get some discussion going on about it. I've always noticed that a lot of people that do gymnastics have really large upper bodies for their size, and a lot of them only perform bodyweight exercises.
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    Hi jones
    I've noticed that too and have given the idea only superficial thought. But now that you mention it, I suspect it would be a beneficial workout. I did some gymnastics while in high school and was also on the swim team. Both helped develop chest and shoulders. Keep in mind though that this type of response comes (at least in my experience) from high frequency and mucho volume. Plyometrics for 2 hours twice/day. Whew. I'm too old for that sort of thing! Not to mention too busy. [​IMG]
    (edit: Also consider that there is a lot of LS and negatives involved )

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