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  1. Hi,

    I have been training calves at the end of my HST workouts, 3x week, 20-30 reps, using progression etc. Mine are ridiculous, just got some minor size gains. It just is not impressive to have good upper body size and then these toothpicks-like calves.
    I'm aware genetics play a big role in determining the size of these muscles.

    - What would be the best way to achieve gains in calves without compromising the progress on other lifts or recovery? Longer training sessions, extra workout day?
    - How many sets/reps?
    - What's the most productive calf exercise when training at home? Loaded barbell on traps and doing calf raises on stepper?
    - Is it ok to neglect the soleus, i.e. on seated calf raises?

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    Just treat your calves like a muscle of it's own. About what's the most productive calf exercises I can't help you there, doing them on a stepper seems better because it's safer and harder to cheat. Actually you neglec your gastrocs during seated calf raises, the gastrocs are the "visible" muscles in the calves. You'll work them more if you do standing calf raises.

    Also, I like EiTS too, I discovered post-rock thanks to them but I pretty much only listen to 80s/90s post-rock.
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  4. Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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