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    I'm just starting HST this week. I just came off a week and a half of SD, but I hadn't established my maxes before the time off. I didn't want to have to dedicate another whole week to finding maxes and then take more time off, so I did all my exercises in about the 10 rep range and used a calculations sheet that I have to find my maxes for the other rep ranges. Is this accurate enough? I've done my first two HST workouts already. The first one was actually surprisingly challangeing, though I avoided going to failure (by a small margin in a couple exercises). I think I was fatigued from establishing my maxes from the 2 days before. The second workout with slightly heavier weights actually seemed a bit easier. I really don't want to have to take more time off. Will I be able to progress from where I am?
  2. Although it is better to ID your maxes BEFORE your SD, it's a little late to worry about it now ;) I would just keep going on with your planned workouts. I suggest you retest at the end of this cycle BEFORE your SD, so your next cycle is set up properly.

    It's better to test each RM, but if you don't want to, use the calculator you mentioned or read Bryan's FAQ on Estimating RMs.
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    Thanks, I think it will work out alright, but I will probably being testing before my next cycle as you said.

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