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  1. Cardio on Off Days

    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are rest days. Light cardio (20-40 min.) may be performed on rest days. Incline treadmill (brisk walk) should be first choice."

    Why is incline treadmill the 1st choice?

    Its easy enough to be sustained for a long period, yet doesn't interfere with big muscle group movements such as squats or leg press, like bike and stairs do.

    Nevertheless, you can certainly do whatever cardio you chose without concern for effectiveness (except swimming). So, if you like biking or jogging better, it will work just fine.


    “de·con·di·tion - To cause to decline from a condition of physical fitness, as through a prolonged period of inactivity or, in astronauts, through weightlessness in space.”

    The whole point of Strategic Deconditioning is to strategically decondition the muscle tissue. It has nothing to do with rest or strength (that’s for periodization not SD).

    The best way to Strategically Decondition is to sit around on your butt all day and ask people to get things for you so you don’t have to get up.


    Will serious cardio sessions during the SD week hamper your results?

    Well, it will have the greatest conditioning effect on those muscle groups used for the cardio.

    Exercising has the opposite effect as Deconditioning.

    By doing intense exercise you are conditioning the muscle to be resistant for future exercise bouts. Chronic aerobic exercise interferes with strength and size gains on a number of different levels (CNS, MHC expression, etc), none of which have anything to do with deconditioning.

    I haven't found brisk walking (on a good incline) to significantly hamper deconditioning.


    Eat maintenance during your SD. Keep fat low though.

    It's easier to over eat when fat is high. Nothing magical. Avoiding high fat foods just helps a person not exceed their maintenance calorie level.

    Now, if you are going to do a LOT of cardio during your SD, it probably won't matter so much.

    If you're trying to gain weight, I would suggest eating the same for about 3-4 days into your SD. Then drop the calories a bit as your metabolic rate slows down.

    If your calories are really cut, and you don't want to eat maintenance for 2 weeks, don't SD. Move right into the 15s after your 5s. Not only that, but go ahead and extend the 5s as long as your joints are keeping up (i.e. feeling good).

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