chainless chains, bandless bands


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I got this idea (having no chains at our gym and no money to buy chain, and no desire to CARRY giant chains around...) -
Anyway, the small plates we never use for anything are enough to add weight to a bar if we just took in something like:
those nylon straps with the "D" rings in them,
a knotted rope, or
a small chain to put thru the plates.
Then, some 5/16" bolts or spring clips would suffice to pin under each plate, so you can clank away and work on your lockouts.
Lately, I've been using the skinny jumprope type bands with the handles on the ends, running them under the bench and onto the ends of the bar. Also some short rubber straps they have with velcro straps on each end. You would be amazed at just how much extra weight 2-4 of those things will add to the bar at the top.
Everybody looks at you with interest, but no one wants to try it themselves.
Me, I'll keep working on that 400.