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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by Guest, Mar 1, 2004.

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    For years now I've been frustrated with my weaker-than-it-should-be bench press. I know the rules- strength is determined by cross-sectional muscle mass to some degree at least (so why am I weak even though I have huge pecs?). "Practice" lifting heavy to lift heavy (so why does my bench lag behind everything else while all my other lifts get easier all the time?) and so on... What a dope. I use a standard 6' barbell as opposed to an Olympic barbell most of the time in my home gym. So I just slapped my mitts down at the edge of the collar. I mean, the thing is narrow as heck, I wish I could go wider sometimes. What a dope. Here's the deal: I didn't "listen" to my body when my delts said, "Hey man! You're tearing us apart!" So my weak bench was caused by putting all the stress too far out, so my huge pecs just laid there while my delts lifted everything. What a dope. I moved my grip in 2 inches on each side and just added about 20 extra lbs. to my bench instantly. I feel like an idiot! So check your grip! And pay attention to yourself. :)
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    HA I thaught I was the only one with that problem... I did notice a difference when I changed the grips but my bench is still to low for my liking. I'll only be happy when I can bench my body weight times 1.5 for a rep or to.
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    Hmmm but doesn't a wide grip focus on chest while a close grip focuses on triceps?

    Here's what I do, on a standard olympic barbell (such as the ones at Bally's) I put my grip out to where my pinkies are touching the small grooves you see about 6 inches from each end of every barbell. My arms are at a 90 degree angle at that point. That should be the optimal grip should it not?
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    Well, kinda sorta.... TOO wide a grip definitely focuses on the front delts, as John Steel has discovered. (Be glad you were smart enough to figure this out without experiencing pain or injury as so many of us do [​IMG] )

    There isn't an optimal bench position for everybody although every body has an optimal position. I am only 5'6" but with long arms (I come from a long line of boxers), so it sounds as though my grip is a good bit wider than yours.

    There are too many variations in body mechanics for an exact recipe. If you already have a grip that's working, don't fix it ;) Sometimes I have a client get down on the floor and do a push up and then try to reproduce that distance between their hands on the bar. It isn't always right, but it's a good place to start.
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    do what's comfortable.

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