Chest Dips vs Tricep Dips

Discussion in 'General Training' started by imported_delphi23, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I am looking at and trying to figure out what the difference b/w the two movements is. Is it the positioning of the elbows? Pointed out for chest dips, pointed in for tricep dips? In chest dips, do you lean forward as opposed to leaning backwards for tricep dips? I have never really done these movements because I am pretty week and can't really do many.

    I am thinking of doing this machine for chest dips to build up strength:

    Is that advisable? I have read such positive things about this chest exercise. I really don't want to exclude it from my routine.
  2. Captain Crunch

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    You are right that it is the positioning of the elbows and the leaning forward. For chest you want to keep your elbows out as wide as possible and lean forward at the waist with your chin down. For triceps you want your arms in close to your sides and try to keep a straight body position.

    This is certainly one of the major exercises you want to keep in your routine so try to fit it in somewhere. If you can't do many now just keep working at it and they will come. You can use a box or stool to stand on to "assist" you in getting up for the next rep or you can just do negatives until you get stronger.

    Good luck.

  3. Bob Evans

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    Captian Crunch is correct. I did dips for a long time only to figure out I was hitting my tris not my chest.

    Pay attention to the muscle and if you "feel" it working. That way you can fine tune it. A big part of it is how you "lean" --------> where your body weight is.

    BOB [​IMG]
  4. Thanks for the replies. But I'm stil confused. Is it better to do negatives only or assisted sets to build up strength instead of doing a machine weighted chest dip machine?
  5. Captain Crunch

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    I don't think there is any problem with using the weighted assist machine for your dips especially since you say that you cannot do many on your own. How many can you do without assistance? If you can do a few on your own then do them and then use the machine to finish off your reps. If you can't do any on your own yet then use the machine and just start decreasing the assistance used each workout and in no time you will be doing them on your own. I don't think that doing negatives alone is a good idea at this point until you build concentric strength.

    Good luck.


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