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    We do both of that contraction when we are training,ex: bicep curl,concentric when you lift the weight up,eccentric when you slowly down the weight down.
    Example for concentric only and eccentric only like,concentric when you put a weight from floor to chair ex:lift 3 dumble to a chair means you only do concentric in all 3 reps,eccentric when you put the dumble to the floor from chair,ex: put down all the 3 dumble back to the floor from chair.
    Concentric contraction contract more muscle than it needed,so the load per fiber is less stressful and more fiber is contract/trained,eccentric contraction contract less muscle than it needed,so the load per fiber is much stressfull less fiber is contract/trained,when you just do concentric contraction it will need little rest maybe just for replenishing glycogen and removing lactate acid,the pain is just like burning sensation cause of builded lactate,and it can be done for your body about an hour or even after sleep the muscle is already full recovered from lactate and maybe just take a day or less too recover if that is little fiber get teared,but when you do lots off eccentric contraction,it will make tear in every fiber that contract,and next day you will feel sore (DOMS) every you move and contract the muscle,and it takes few day to recover all that teared fiber.
    Lots of people get wrong about type 1 2a 2b fiber,they think sometimes they contract only 1 fiber sometimes 2a or 2b fiber,the real fact is type 1 fiber ALWAYS activated first,if the contraction need more strength the 2a come helping the type 1 fiber,and when the 2a cant make the needed contraction the 2b come to contract,this is why type 1 fiber more had endurance than other because they activated first and that means every move that we do always contract type 1 fiber,this is why the type 2b fiber fatigue quickly because we contract it last,and e just contract it when it needed,not in all of our movement,the transformation of 2b to 2a is possible,because it added endurance compononent like capillary mithochondria and etc,and vice versa if 2a no need that endurance component because we never work the endurance component so hard it will decrease it endurance component and become 2b.CMIIW
    That was what I know and what I think right,just use ur logic,okay iam done telling now it was what I want to ask: muscle adapt to increase strength?did it make more fiber or just strengthening the last fiber type 2b,or they adding for all muscle fiber myofibril strength?
    2.what kind of contraction that lead more to size growth?
    Please make it easy to understand,sorry bad english :eek:
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    If you are worried about different muscle fibers, just do standard HST. HST is laid out in a way that all muscle fibers will receive stimulation, especially once you get into the 5s and post-5s.
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    can i just train concentric for maximum gain in strength and strength endurance/size?because i already try to train with both of the exercise and eccentic only,it's make me more fatigue easily and done little exercise,and the next day it was realy sore and it gone about 2-4 day,if i try to train just concentric movement like lift my friend and then release it without release him slowly/eccentric way,rest between lift is more shorter if i not release it slowly,and it not make any sore next day.i hate sore,especially when the sore is on my leg,because i always use it to walk to my school but i wanna make them stronger to wrestle around 60kg+ human weight...and how to receive it a little fast?i am 15 years old and height around 165cm and weighed around 55kg and i just can wrestle around 40-50kg human weight.

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