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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by Aaron_F, May 11, 2004.

  1. Aaron_F

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    Back in my old home town today, in my old gym, lifting #### up

    Thursday 24 June

    Speed squat SSB WIDE: up tp ~120x2x8
    Speed bench: 90x2x2, 100x2x6
    2board: 100x5, 130x5, 140x5x2
    Sumo deads: 70x3, 120x1x6
    Face Pulls: ?? but heavy, for 20reps
    Pullthrus WIDE: ?? but heavy, for 20 reps
    Db Press for reps: 22kgx54

    Note: I was surprised I did that many reps with the DBs but it was different. was a fun day, shooting #### with some others, doing some exercises for the entire body. Felt low blood sugar afterwards, had a lot of food today, but none of it good.

    Dunno waht the weight of the SSB is, and I didnt have a box so I just did free speed squats. No contrast on anything as well
  2. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Monday 28 June

    bench: warmups, 60x2x2, 100x2, 140x1, shirt on, 140x1, 150x2x3, 155x2, 157.5x2x2
    4board: 157.5x5, 175x5, 180x4
    Elbows out inc: 15x20, 20x20
    High row to chest(lb): 70x20, 140x8, 180x6, 200x6
    Shrugs (machine lb): 220x12, 295x8x3
    A1: Facepulls(lb): 110x20, 130x20
    A2: Standing ab (lb): 110x12, 130x12, 150x12

    Notes: First day back at the early mornings and didnt feel the greatest, the bench went ok tho. I cant seem to handle high reps of 4board (well as high as 5 reps are...) cos the fatigue by the end of the set means I cannot controll the weight. I could have done one more on 180 but i didnt want to die.
    Everything else is ok
  3. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    havent caught up to date here

    Wednesday 30 June

    Squat: warmups (not a lot) 60x2x2, 100x1, 140x1, 155x2, 165x2, 170x2, 175x2, 180x2
    Box squat (4): 160x2, 160x3, 170x3
    Pullthrus : lots, dunno what weight as I changed machines part way thru
    Windmills: 20x12, 35x8, 40x8x2

    Notes: Woke up at 5.30 cos my daughter was awake (and making a racket...) trained at 7, but tired. Sqaust was fast, Im sure I did 6 sets but I am failing to remember what weight, 180x2 was ok, but second one a lot slower. Cocked up my first set on box squats, so I did it again, was hard. second was even harder
    Bar ripped up my back (twas shagged) and I wasnt able to get myself into the lifts, sucks.

    Friday 2 July

    Speed bench: warmups n stuff, 60x3, add chain, 60x3, 90x3x2, 100x3x6
    2board: 100x3, 140x3, 150x3, 157.5x2+fart, 157.5x1
    H/Strength Pulldown: 12x12, 52x8, 72x8, 77x8
    Stdface pull from low pulley: ???xlotsxabout 5 sets
    JM of 4board: barx5, 60x5, 100x5, 125x5, 130x5, 137.5x5
    Db Shrug: 40x8, 50x8x3
    Leg Raise: 0x12x3

    Notes: nice enuff day. 2board was nice until I farted in the middle of my set and failed to lock it out cos I was laughin,...
    Std face pull was like Heavy did the other day, felt good, as did the JM off 4board, which I picked up from Steve C's log on elite.

    Monday 5 July

    Speed squats (+chain): warmups, 100x2x2, 110x2x2, 120x2x3, 110x2
    Speed deads (+chain): 100x1x2, 110x1x2, 115x1x2
    Seated Gm: 60x12, 80x12x3
    Hammie thing: ?? weightx20x4
    Trap shrug: ??weightx12x4
    Iso farmers holds: 190x20secx3
    Std Leg curl: 25x12, 35x12, 40x12

    notes: ok day, 19am start , squats ok, seated gms to get the lower back nailed. the hammie thing is like brad/char said, but not hte gay version. Iso holds done on the new cable cross over machine we have, its nice. My grip sucks and my traps r sore.
    Played on the new hammer strength stding leg curl too, nice

    Hammies are shot now.

    Wednesday 7 July

    Bench: warmups, 60x2x2, 100x2, 140x1, shirt on, 140x1, 157.5x2, 165x2, 170x2, 160x2, 167.5x2, 160x2
    4board: 160x3, 180x3, 192.5x2/1
    Elbows out inc: 15x20, 22x20, 22x12
    Rows to chest: 100x12, 180x6, 210x4, 230x2, 200x6, 220x4 - called it
    Shrugs off cables: 180x12x2

    Notes: weeell, bench was ok, except the 170 when it clipped the bench and stopped me dead, still locked out tho. 4board is hard, but the heaviest I had to stop and reset, did another rep. Not easy - see what you missed out on john!!
    Everything else was icing on the tired cake

    I am also doing a bench only meet next week for a bit of a blast, dont expect much but will be aiming to get into the 110kg/242lb class and open at 181 which breaks my old record by 0.5kg :)
  4. Aaron_F

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    Friday 9 July

    Squat: warmups, screw my finger, 60x2x2, 100x1x2, 140x1, 180x2, 190x2, 195x2, 200x2
    Box squat *wide*: 140x1, 180x1, 190x1, 200x1 NEW PR
    Pull thrus: 40x20, 60x20, 80x12, 95x12x2
    Shrugs: 60x20, 100x20x4, 60x60
    Facepulls: 60x20, 150x20, 165x20, 150x20x3, 100x50

    Notes: Found I had set the rack too low, I flicked the bar over and one end clipped the rack, sending the other end into the J hook, except my ring finger was in the way. F#$K. Got up to 200x2, hard but good. Got a new wide box record, 22lb record...yaaay finally.
    Facepulls/shrugs were for high volume, to kill my upper /mid back area. I had to tie my hand to the bar for shrugs as I couldnt grip it. And I changed the handles on facepulls in the middle so I could continue.
    My fingers all swole n stuff, and turning black so thats cool in a way

    My midback is fried, and it seems to be improving significantly. Cant tell exactly how much cos Im too fat, but it looks better
  5. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Finger still sore, but much better

    Sunday 11 July

    Trap raises: 7x20x4
    Lraises: 7x12x3
    Cycle: 20mins 212kcal various with light Hiit at the end
    Pulldown ab: worked up to 95x12x2

    Notes: Its a strange experience, I have felt like death over the past few weeks, and I think that primarily due to me having no fitness at all. I dont know if I have ever had this low a level of fitness.
    So, Im gonna start working up my fitness, via Hiit, but I will have to work up to that level because I am sad...

    Trying for 3x weekly until I get some of my fitness back.

    I would sprint, but there is no way under the sun my ankles are gonna take that

    Moday 12 July

    Speed bench (+chains): warmups, 100x3x2, 105x3x4
    2board (+chains): 105x1, 140x1, 160x1(new PR), 170x1(even newer PR), 180xmiss, 160x2
    4board JM: 100x5, 120x3, 140x3x2
    H/strength Row: warmups, 50x12x3
    H/s Ab: ?x20x2, 50x8x2

    Notes: very very tired today, slept like death over night. Cut the volume on speed cos I have a downweek now and 2board was great, until 180 where I screwed myself mentally (also its the only set I had a spotter, which threw me off . After the fact I thought that I might see how much the chains weigh, 12.5kg or there abouts each. so the 170 would have been close to 177 at the bottom and 190 at the top, and the 180 would have been close to 187 at the bottom to 200 at the top. Im happy with that.
    Tried to plant my JM on my face with the first rep of the second heavy set. Everything else fine

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