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Okay. Version 1 of the Pimp My Hst file. For now, it's a Microsoft Word document. If anybody knows how to turn this into a PDF or convert into a E-book, please help.

My hand is cramping. Word's stylee thingie is terrible!! It took me 2 hours to build that stupid, stupid Table of Contents.

The tables look a little crap. Hope nobody minds that. I added another table of sample stretches taken from another site. I'll probably go back in a future version to clean up the text for it.
PDF Version zipped, it's the only way I can get it to fit. You'll have to unzip it.
On behalf of everyone...

I can't believe people actually buy books on bodybuilding etc with old and ill informed advice and we get cutting edge research that's customised to our needs and personal feedback and all for nothing.

Gladly buy you a beer or 20 sometime Jules!


wow. i can't believe jules took the time to make this. awesome stuff. we have the holy grail in our hands.

BTW guys, I'm looking to do an "expansion" (gotta put the Tao of Vince somewhere ;) ) sometime by the beginning of July. Feel free to post your topic/question wish list here. Whatever you'd like to see (or see clarified), so I can start researching. :)

just wondering. why don't we do simple burn sets... in the 5s and post 5s to keep up the nutrition partitioning? does RBE catch up that quickly? or is it the CNS that is hit too hard... again. I guess this question pertains to the metabolically challenged endomorphs :D Jules u don't have to put this in the expansion, my wish list will come hitherto after i'm done soaking up the original "pimped version."

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]why don't we do simple burn sets... in the 5s and post 5s to keep up the nutrition partitioning? does RBE catch up that quickly? or is it the CNS that is hit too hard... again. I guess this question pertains to the metabolically challenged endomorphs

Actually, yeah, you're encouraged to do a burn set for each compound movement during 5s and post-5s. Especially for the metabolically disadvantaged guy, such as yourself, who needs the extra pick-me-up.

Of course, if you're already doing a pulsing movement for that bodypart, it's not necessary to do the burn set. Though it may not hurt to do both if you're metabolically disadvantaged.

oops, i totally mis said that. I meant how come we don't do burn sets on OFF days? I'd be stupid to not do burn sets for ON days!
but yea. Is doing Burn sets only... for off days not recommended because of the RBE? or because it'll fry the CNS? I was thinking that it would help out more than just running on off days for nutrition partitioning.
Sure, you can do a burn set on the off days with a little cardio. This is a nice way to time your daily carb intake as well. Of course, your daily caloric intake will have to rise to adjust toward 6x-a-week training. Important to keep that in mind.

mmm sounds good. i hope thats easier than doing the repeated workouts, regular increments for 6x a week like the one you perscribed for me :) . I remember i crashed pretty quickly with that. haha. thanks jules

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]If you want to include lateral raises, perform them across your body

what do you mean by that?can you explain it?

One version looks something like this, except that you go to the very bottom and only go up about eye level. You could do a variation with cable pulleys one side at a time; when you reach the bottom of the movement, you can turn your hip to further emphasize the stretch. It's a very nice movement for loaded stretches.
I've been gone for a few weeks (my company actually expects me to work  
 how rude of them), and I return to find the thread in PDF form.

Great job guys - all wisdom and knowledge in an easy to use format!

I can now throw away the 110 page file I had before.

Can't wait for the expansion!

This is why I tell people forum is the best!

Vicious, how would you adjust the cookie cutter routine, including cardio, for someone on a diet? (not very low carbs, but diet levels).
Cookie Cutter Routine #3 (Diet down)

Frequency: High (5-12x-a-week)
Duration: 8-10 weeks

Post-WO Cardio:
1) If you only have access to a bike, then keep with steady state. Start at 15-20 minute during 15s and increase up to 30-40 minutes during 10s.

2) If you have access to a good full-body trainer (i.e. cross-country skiing machine, ladder/rock climber, swimming), you can do HIIT instead. Start at 5-8 minutes HIIT during 10s, then work up to 12-15 minutes through 5s.

1) High protein, 1.5-2 * BW.

2) Low-to-moderate carb diet (65-100% of protein) with manteinance-level or just above maintenance level.

3) Time most of carb intake after workouts. If you work out twice a day, try at least 80% of carbs during periods after both sessions.

4) Due to the nature of cutting , it can't be emphasized enough how aggressively you should carb up after your workouts.

5) Fat intake should be concentrated on EFAs.

6) Carb load once a week.

Leg Press
Leg Curl
Incline Press
Bent-over Row

1) One work set
2) Negatives are optional during post-5s
3) Manage CNS stress carefully as you approach your maxes. Cluster to finish out reps if reps get really hard
4) Metabolic burn sets are optional, but recommended in specific cases. If you have low metabolism or are looking to cut to extreme state, creating hypoxia/metabolic stress can eventually lead to elevate mTOR signaling. That in turn keeps your leptin levels up. The price you pay obviously is depleted glycogen stores/catabolism as well as hightened cortisol levels and CNS stress. So, it's doubly important that you eat properly while doing this. For everybody else, just the mix of high frequency and post-WO cardio will more than suffice. Wait until 5s.

Peak Contraction
Machine pullover
Leg extension
Leg curl

1) Really only recommended if somebody wants to get shredded (<9% bodyfat) as well as reduce amount of cardio needed.
2) One work set, 10-15 pulses, progress when it gets easier
3) Wait until 5s.
Thanks, Vicious, by the way, if you're cutting, would it make sense to train at your max load every workout?
I wouldn't think so. The whole concept of "perserving" muscle during a cut is the same as trying to "build" muscle on a bulk, and if you were working at your max every day, there would be no progressive loading(not optimized preservation of muscle/growth of muscle). I think this is about right?

Yup. Plus it would be counterproductive anyway to max out every workout since you're on a diet and using high frequency.

Change notes

Version 2

Same contents as Version 1, but abridged down to 28 pages(!) I have no idea how he did it, but information seems to be all there.

Saved in Word .doc format