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Discussion in 'General Training' started by proteus9, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Sure Abe. ;) Besides people, how do y'all know I just didn't steal DKM's pharmacudeticals and am hallucinating this entire thread? [​IMG] Could be the synthol injection to my brain, but I'm thinking I'm growing a peak on top of my peak's peak. . . .

  2. Synthol, so that's what Timothy Leary called it [​IMG] I knew it had an L in it some where :D You're a Bruin you know ;) ;) nudge nudge
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    BRUIN?!? Calkid, did DKM just call me a BRUIN?!? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Sorry DKM, didn't mean to leave anyone out, but I think there's only supposed to be four faces in my metaphor. ;) I'll come up with a more inclusive one next time.
  5. Please forgive the ignorance [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ;)
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    Vicious, I think, I think love you.
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    I love you too Norman. [​IMG]

    Just wanted to add that Hannesburk's been trying out a modified version of clustering with compound movements, and he's gotten some positive results from it (i.e. more percieved strain and soreness than before with same # of reps.)

    The wrinkle we introduced to his cluster sets was to implement a very short rest period initially, then have that steadily increase for every miniset. Sort of looks like Gironda; sort of looks like EDT in reverse. The theory is a little nutty (i.e. Littledoc's thread), but the protocol is described a few posts back in the Clustering thread.

    Anyway, just wanted to give that a plug esp. for people on higher volume, basic compound routines. And I'd like to see how the theory plays out with more people.

  8. Im designing an exercise program for my course at university to increase the size i.e. hypertrophy of the chest muscles, has anyone any advice for me? Cheers.
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    you mentioned upright rows behind back partials.what is the width grip?and how many inches you raise the bar?
    is behind the back there is more stretch of the side delts?

    also for metabolic stimulation you mention after 5 rm half way to lockout pulses static
    can i take a short rest after 5 rm then remove 30% load then do the partial ?
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    Don't let this thread die.

    I'd say make it a sticky!
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    From the "muscle Hypertrophy of the Chest Muscle" thread Vicious wrote:
    Funny there are around 4 "chest development threads" going right now on the forum.

    Thanks Dr. V. This is what I had been looking for. A pratical way to apply all the info on this thread. After reading ,and re-reading, this thread it makes sense now. Aside from the am/pm approach, this is how clustering, partials, the reflex bouncing stuff, loaded streches and burn sets are used to maximize a cycle. Gotta go easy on us big guy, the tech stuff gets to be ruff sledding -- not everybody went to Berkeley, just went to "the farm". Inspite of that -- now I get it.

    Go Indians,

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    Hey Bob, how is the routine working for you? What are your general observation, thoughts, etc.?

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    Dr. V.,

    I was hoping for a Stanford slur. It is going well. My modem crashed and I am writing this from a library. Let me give you a full responce this weekend after ComCast comes to fix it.

    God Bless Hunter Thompson

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    Heh, the Farm. My cousins go there. They're swine too. :D

    Amen.  The original HST.  A Niners fan at that too.

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    How is my program going now that I am enlightened by the Customizing HST thread?

    Short answer: very well. I feel and might see a difference.

    Long answer:


    I am 5'9 210#s, 47yrs(plus a week), 16.5 bis, 1RM bench 270. Not a young pup, not a beginner, and far from an expert. Got back into lifting 3 years ago with HST. I had been doing pretty much the standard program that Bryan suggests. In year 2 (per Bryan’s advice) I incorporated burn sets in my 5s and negs. Couldn’t swing the am/pm approach but bought some dumbbells and am/pm my curls.

    What has happened:

    Like vicious said – this first Dr. V cycle is a bit of an experiment. That does not mean it is unproductive, just working on some new lifts and new techniques has had an impact. Right now I am ending my first week of 5s. I am doing am/pm, have been working on loaded stretches, burn sets (with partials), and triggering the myotatic reflex. Doing this stuff is actually easier than reading about it. The loaded flys hit me right off, doms the next day for the first time in a year. The myotatic reflex (basically jolting) is not as hard to do as it seemed reading about it – though I can see it must be approached with caution. The upper range partials create a burn that was hard to get even doing 25 reps. Also working with clustering. I have reincorporated dead’s since both you and Bryan speak of them with mystical reverence.

    How I feel.

    Even though I have not fully incorporated this stuff in my program yet — I feel a difference. I feel I am able to “work” the muscle harder. I feel fuller. I feel progress. I think I can see a difference but that might just be vanity talking. Note: vanilla HST worked great for me the first 3 years. I just felt I had hit a spot where I needed to “take it up a notch”

    New Weapons in the Arsenal

    Much of this stuff only applies to the 5s and negs. But I now have more “arrows in my quiver” to use in my 5s and negs. Also, I now have a way to increase the load (or effective load) in my post 5s. Hopefully all this will create more of a progressive load in the 5's and negs. For example doing the incline curls one uses less weight – so there is more room for a progression. Before 50# dumbbell preacher curl was about my max - but anything under 25# seemed worthless. Now I can get more out of the 25s and 30s and still progress to 50 – an then use loade stretches, clustering etc. to inch above 50.

    Next Steps

    After getting a feel for which movements / lifts work for me. I am going to rewrite my program. I think I have too many lifts in it right now – (14). Some of the new stuff feels great. Some doesn’t seem to work so well. (E.g. I gotta get a better feeling for my triceps loaded stretch.)

    When I rewrite my program I would like to ask for your advice. There are ways of arranging a program I had not thought of – like when you suggested I do loaded stretch for pecs, delts and tris – then a burn incline bench. I don’t want to over think it – and come up with something too complicated. On the other hand – want to get it right.

    As you know, I have the added variable of new gyms. A real gym in the evening and a light weight gym in the morning. It turns out – one can do a lot of damage in a lightweight gym. No you can’t do hairy squats and deads – but you can do a lot. My situation is not that different from guys who have a home gym and a real gym in the evenings.

    I guess that’s it. I will hit you up with specific questions over the next week. I want to thank you again – it is both fun and invigorating to get “deeper” into lifting on both a physical and a cerebral level. The timing for me is perfect. “When the student is willing – the teacher appears”

    I thought the California Bear was extinct.

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    Vicious. Wow. I tried to follow along and I think I learned something? I duno it's 2 am... Maybe I will have a myostatic reflex when I wake up and be able to apply this overload of knowledge to the gym.

    I'll read it again because I'm not sure which excercises to do in the 15,10 and 5 reps stages in order to generate max growth.

    Thanks for dumping your brain in a public area.
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    for clustering when you do only 2 reps per minisets for example 5*2 total 10 reps the reps are not continuous.wont that affect muscle growth as there is a break in tut?how about tut for clusters?
  19. Bob Evans

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    Vicious should still answer this. But TUT is time under tension, not continuous time under tension -- just the amount of time.

    That is a very difficult concept for those of us used to grimaceing our way through that last rep. The myth of the last rep has been propigated by the muscle mags -- "your not trying hard enough".

    The "last rep approach" has the down side of frying your central nervous system -- so you can't lift as much in that workout AND if you really push it -- you can't lift as much your next workout either.

    Better to break-up the reps so you can have more reps under more load. MORE Time under MORE tension.

    I like many of us have been caught in the ego trap of -- if it does not hurt it is not working. Clustering can still hurt -- you will just be lifting more weight longer.

  20. Clustering and TUT.
    TUT will be the same if you lift the same weight consecutively or break it up a little more in the same workout.

    Clustering has another advantage. Clustering spares EC and metabolic fatique which in turn generally allows greater loads to be lifted than otherwise. Meaning when Clustering reps instead of using a 5RM you can reasonably load with a 4 or even 3RM with the same Volume and still manage strength fatique. Allowing frequent workouts, greating loading and consistent TUT. Couple Clustering with loaded stretching and high metabolic work. You end up with a MAPK p38 and ERK 1/2 wet dream [​IMG]

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