Cybex machines -- ugh

Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by Calkid, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Anybody else extremely annoyed by these? The cam system on some of the older models is godawful. 100% resistance in the most stretched position going to 50% in the contracted.

    For instance, I was doing leg extension, which I do explosively (I do all positives explosively). After I overcame the initial struggle, I kicked the weight stack up and it made a huge clanging sound. Same with the ab machine. I'm scared to try the others.
  2. Yes, many of the Cybex machines are poorly designed. Explosive positives (for the sake of hypertrophy) are also a bad idea.
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  4. Flexipecs

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    Care to elaborate that thought?

    I too am using explosive movements during the concentric fase - and I remeber having read somewhere that when using >70% of your 1RM, the muscle fibres really don't care about the speed of the concentric part of the movement.. The outcome will be the same whether you move the weights slowly during concentrics or explosively. You only make the exercise more difficult to complete by using an unnecessarily slow movement.
    If you can prove otherwise I stand corrected.
  5. Yes.
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    I think you're wrong. The concentric doesn't really matter anyway. We could be doing only eccentrics and still see similar results.

    Assuming the concentric is only a setup for the real damage, then I want to do it in a way that allows as many reps as possible. For me that is explosive.

    Plus I have the side benefit of improving rate of force production for strength later.

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