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  1. Well after my first 15 workout I didn't think I had accomplished much, but when I woke up this morning I could barely get out of bed I was so sore. I am traditionally a MAX OT user but I wanted to try the HST program for a change of pace. Can some please look at my routine and give me any advice.
    3x a week full body
                            15's                10's                5's
    Leg Press              2/2                2/2                3/3
    Leg Extensions       1/1                2/1                1/1  
    DB Bench Press      2/2                2/2                3/3  
    Dips                     1/1                2/1                1/1
    Pulldowns              2/2                2/2                3/3
    Rows                    1/1                2/1                1/1  
    Shrugs                  2/2                2/2                3/3
    Miltitary Press         2/2                2/2                3/3  
    Side rasies             1/1                 2/2               1/1
    BB curl                  2/2                 2/2                3/3    
    Claves                  2/2                 2/2                 3/3
    Tri Extensions         2/2                 2/2                 3/3
    the number next to the exercise are the amount of sets for each phase and for each week of the program.
    So please any suggestions would help. I really want to be as effective as it can be.
    thank you
  2. Jake

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    Welcome to the Forum! I'm not sutre I understand the numbers, so more detail on that would help. But in the meantime, you don't need squats+leg extensions, or bench presses+dips. I'd either drop one (i.e., do squats only and no leg ext), or alternate them between workouts (i.e., M-Squat, W-Ext, F-Squat, etc.).
  3. for example

    leg press, during the 15's I will 2 sets the first week 2 sets the 2nd week, on the 10's I will also do 2 and 2 and 3 and 3 for the 5's.
    (2/2 2/2 3/3)
  4. dyhp,
    As for number of sets, check the HST FAQ's. Blade posted on that topic. It's under "Number of sets for HST". Here's a synopsis:
    2 sets for 15 reps
    2 sets the first week of 10 reps
    1 set the second week of 10 reps
    2 sets the first week of 5 reps
    1 set the second week of 5 reps
    This is the format I have been following. For me this set range is working well.
    As for the soreness, I am also sore after the first two workouts at 15 reps but it will subside to feeling stiff in week two. Continue to workout. Unless of corse you have an injury.
  5. Firminator

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    I would stick to your plan and at the end, see if it worked for you. When I first started doing HST (couple of yrs ago) I was losing some size during my 5's. At the time, I was doing 2 sets of 5's. Starting with my next cycle, I went to 3 sets of 5's and my growth continued throughout the entire cycle.

    Everybody is different and some people can't handle the volume that others can - I seem to need the additional work and can go about 8 weeks before I start to run down.

  6. I just started HST myself and have a question about this: why are you supposed to reduce your sets from two to one during the second week of 10s and 5s?
  7. ian

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    Just outa curiosity, where does everyone get their routines from???
    I started using the default one on the main website, but then i start reading and someone says 'dont do squats and straight leg deadlifts, u'l be nakerd'. I then read someone else saying they do squats and normal deadlifts, which is far more tiring.

    I no someone will now start shouting at me for not reading all of the posts, but theres a lot of contredictions there.

    I just want to know where everyone else get their routines?
  8. grip,
    The reason I decrease the sets as I get closer to the maxes is that 2 sets is really taxing to my body. I'm 37 though. Please read Blades post. It will guide you on how to increase or decrease freq and sets.

    Search for "HST workout thread". You'll find numerous posts of peoples routines. You have to experiment and see what works best for you.

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