Deadlift - Leg Or Back Exercise


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Currently training 6 days a week and thinking of changing exercises around a bit and in effect be doing full body workouts every day based on 1 push and 1 pull exercise for upper and 1 leg exercise as follows, will still probably do calf raises and some direct arm work depending on time constraints for each day.
  • days 1, 3 and 5 was going to do Squats / Flat Bench / Pendlays
  • days 2, 4 and 6 was going to be Deadlifts / Overhead Press / ??
This is where the question in the title comes in, do you consider deadlifts to be primarily a leg exercise or a back exercise, so should I add a back exercise or leg exercise for days 2, 4 and 6?
As you know, it hits both legs and back but this is also dependent on your form, levers, etc etc. For the purposes of your routine, I would just treat it as a leg exercise and pair it with chins or similar. Try not to pair it with anything that really hammers the lower back.
@Totentanz / @Jester,

Thanks for your replies, chins it is - was doing them before but had to drop them due to a constant pain in the rear delt area that only seemed to be a problem after doing chins (used both neutral and supinated grips) so will have to see how that goes, not sure if there are any other exercises to replace chins should the pain come back (other than pull ups) based on the fact that I train at home so no access to machines other than my olympic bar, half rack, bench and combi-bar!!
I had been feeling rear delt pain after doing chins for some time. I started doing facepulls and the pain was gone, but I really can't establish a direct relation between these two things.