Deadlift overpowered? Or cheating?


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Hi, my 1 RM for my deadlift seems to be way out of proportion compared to my squat and bench. Is there actually a way to cheat on the deadlift aside from bouncing, I figure bouncing shouldn't be my concern since I only bring it up once. I do have long arms, which I heard gives me an advantage on deadlift but disadvantage on bench. How should I configure my next HST cycle to bring my squat/bench up to par.

Bodyweight: 147lbs
Deadlift: 325lbs
Squats: 175lbs
Bench: 170lbs

I know the bench should be the lowest, but that much lower?And the squat is just pathetic
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It's somewhat normal for someone with your body type to be able to deadlift a lot more than any other lift. It's normal for naturals who don't use suits to be able to deadlift more than they squat or bench anyway but with someone like you, the effect will be more pronounced. You'll notice my RMs in my signature... same deal. I can deadlift about twice what I bench. It's due to long limbs.
I agree that your squat is bad, and I think you could likely squat more. Judging by your RMs for dead and bench, I'd expect to see you squatting 225... maybe it's just an issue of you not pushing yourself enough on squats? When I was early on in my career, I had some mental block that disallowed me from squatting more. Maybe a fear of the bar killing you or something. Do you squat alone? Squatting and benching alone is one of the biggest things that tend to cause people to be scared to push hard on them and so they hold back/don't progress as much. Whereas with the deadlift, you don't really have to worry about something disastrous happening if you fail. You can just put the bar down or drop it.

How should you configure your cycle to bring your squat and bench up? I would focus on the squat for now. Drop deads for an entire cycle. Focus on squats. Do squats every single workout and do multiple sets. 2-3 sets would be good. Only 2 sets in the 15s, then 2-3 in the 10s depending on how much you can handle doing at that point, and 3 sets in the 5s.
First off, thanks toten, it was on your training log awhile back I read about 300-400-500 goal on your lifts that started making me question myself. I see that you have broken that goal by a good margin now.

Last HST cycle, I was doing an ABA BAB split with leg press and squats, also BB Inc bench and DB Inc bench.
So this time u think I should go squats for all 6 workouts in each minicycle instead? As for the hammy, will adding SLDL be too much for the back/legs and maybe just stick with leg curls. I love SLDL though, destroys my hammys everytime. Also, is it very important to squat really low, like also a2g, maybe that's holding me back, thinking of just going parellel now. And I THINK I squat high bar, maybe I should learn the proper positioning on low bar and see if it helps, hurts my back and feels like the bar is going to slip though.

For the bench, I'm planning to do flat bench and dips this time. Would u recommend just flat bench all 6 workouts too?

And yes I mostly workout alone, which I like because of the critism my friends would say about HST not pushing everytime.
The nice thing about focusing on squats for a whole cycle is that squats help your deadlfit, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work as well the other way around -- if you focus on deads, it doesn't necessarily help your squats.
Start reading up on squat technique and just practice it as much as you can. I would drop the leg press and do squats all workouts. After your sessions, try loading up the bar with more than you squat, putting it on your back and walking it out, then just holding it there briefly before you re-rack it. This will help you get accustomed to holding that much weight on your back. You can keep alternating SLDL and leg curls if you want. It would take a couple cycles to judge the effectiveness of doing them in conjuction with squats versus doing only squats.

I have to go but I'll come back to this later.