Do you carry a log around with you as you work out

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by imported_davewins, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. just curious if you guys memorize every weight you are going to do and every exercise or you bring your routine on paper with you??
  2. wwewrestlingguy

    wwewrestlingguy New Member

    Personally I bring my stuff with me. I usually know the weights that I'm doing and all that, but I just don't want to screw anything up.
  3. abarlament

    abarlament New Member

    Same here. Gotta have my little notebook with me.
  4. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    I bring a small notecard with the exercises and the weights listed for that WO.
  5. style

    style New Member

    I don't carry a log around as its too heavy and really slows down my workout hahahahah
  6. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've always kept a training log but an HST log is my favorite because I don't have to write anything in it! It's all pre-recorded. Just a quick glance and I'm away. I use a printout which has the weight for each end of the bar rather than the total weight (for all barbell exercises). It's so simple I hardly have to engage my brain! :)
  7. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I train at home, so if I can't remember what weight I'm supposed to use, I just have to glance at my computer... which happens to be in the same room as my equipment.
  8. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    I always have my notebook with me.
  9. Tenacious

    Tenacious New Member

    Always my log and a pencil to jot reps completed and how difficult I perceived it to be.

    After my deads it looks like a four year old penciled in the entry [​IMG]
  10. ChrisHouston

    ChrisHouston New Member

    I use a log[book] if I'm measuring maxes or not doing HST (which hasn't been for a while). If I'm doing an HST cycle I'll have a little printout about the size of a credit card i can keep in my pocket with the week's weights on it. I have an Excel spreadsheet that works out all the weights for the whole cycle and has a summary sheet to print off with eight weeks of workouts.
  11. Keystone

    Keystone New Member

    I definitely carry a log. Hard to remember everything. :)
    Also wear a watch so I can time my rest periods. Helps to get in and out in an hour.

  12. bodyguard

    bodyguard New Member

    I use always a log book and I have also one on the net
  13. Joe G

    Joe G New Member


    I usually have a clipboard with me at the gym....lately Ive been sort of just winging it tho.

    Joe G
  14. baby a

    baby a New Member

    ya, I totally assumed this post was about working out with a poop on deck.... :) guess that is just my sophmoric mind at work....

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