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I've noticed a lot of people using this stuff. Does it really do what they say it does? And if this is true, wouldn't you loose size after you stop taking it, or does it help with permanent hypertrophy?

Also another question. Does anyone know the real world effectiveness on ZMA? I've already read one study on it that seemed pretty unbiased and they said there were no significant gains but if you look at the data those as opposed to placebo did gain more strength and loose body fat.
Nevermind. I did a search on the forum and found some threads on it. Lots of caffeine ain't my bag!

But...my question still stands for ZMA. Anybody use it or know anything?
ZMA will help you get a bit deeper sleep, some wild dreams, but won't put you to sleep. Probably the most important part of it is the magnesium. I think you have to limit the zinc to 25mg due to toxicity. I don't buy ZMA per se: I buy zinc tabs and cut them in half (they're 50's) and magnesium alone, taking 500mg of it. Cheaper that way. I doubt it does any good on off day nights. Some guys take mag in the morning too. It does one and a half zillion and one things in the body. Or was that one and a half zillion and two; I can't remember.
Good for you. But my diet is very healthy and when I take the ZMA, the difference in my sleep is enormous. I'll take it for that if for no other reason.