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    Hi guys,

    I am still on my TF cycle and results will get posted when the cycle is over-again thank you for the help.

    I now looked up myo reps a bit (a recommended technique by Totentanz especialy for higher reps) and as I understood its about the effective reps, the "tense up" reps which count the most.

    They seem especially valuable for high reps, because the effective ones only appear at the end of the set.
    When working with low reps and about 85%of 1rpm the reps are effective from the start.

    Here I want to ask: Are the "uneffective reps" in A SET REALLY WORTHLESS?

    So a set of 2x15 were perhaps the last 3 reps of each set are effective would lead to a volume of 30 reps and 6 efrective ones.

    Does that mean if I perform one heavy set of 6 reps it has the same effect?

    I see 2 problems here:

    1.Hypertrophy is signaled by multiple pathways (endocrin,muscular..). When concentrating on only one pathway you are neglecting other ones.

    -2 sets of 15 might not be as effectice "tension wise" as 3x6, but you create also fatigue which could help in hypertrophy (signaling of certain proteins,hypoxitaitve stress).

    2. Remain volume but lower the reps:

    Well thats perhaps a bit deep thoughted, but as we know its wise to remain volume as the weight goes up for hypertrophy. So 2x15/3x10/6x5 for example.
    But if I do that, couldn´t it be a bit too much stress we must handle?

    In 2x15 we perhaps get 6 effective reps (the last of eacht set 3)
    In 3x10 we get 9 reps (the last 3 of each set)
    In 6x5 we get nearly 30 EFFECTIVE reps if the load is properly choosen.

    Is the jump not a bit too much for progression?

    Just some thoughts!

  2. grunt11

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    No they are not worthless just less effective at stimulating increased strength and myofibrillar hypertrophy. They are, especially in the higher rep range, effective at stimulating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy along with tendon and muscle repair and recovery depending on how they are used. They can also as you already noted activate muscle hypertrophy through other stressors.

    For this reason even during the 5s or higher I would usually include a high rep set of some compound exercise that hits all the muscles used during that workout. Now however with the powerlifting routine I’m doing I usually do theses high rep sets in a separate mini workout to add in recovery. However, for aiding recovery concentric only work, like hill sprints, sled pull/push, rock/medicine ball throwing, are likely better.
  3. thegentleman1981

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    Thank you grunt. One more:

    Are the "effective" reps in higher rep ranges as effective as in the lower rep ranges?

    Like: 2x15 RPM= 6 effective reps =
    1x6RPM= 6 effective reps?
  4. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I think it depends on how you define effective and how you do the reps.

    For how you do them I’m considering time under tension which AFAIK is more important for hypertrophy than strength development. So if the 6RM reps create more time under tension with a very heavy load since you may have to grind them out more they may be more effective than the last 3 each of your 15RM sets. However, don’t discount the time under tension created by doing 2 sets of 15 vs 1 set of 6. So it’s sort of hard to say.

    As for effective it depends on your goal. If it’s hypertrophy I would consider the above comments. However, if it’s strength then the 6RM may be more effective since working closer to your 1RM teaches your neural system to adapt to heavier loads.

    IMO many good programs like Heavy/Light/Medium or Westside Barbell’s take on the conjugate method try to balance this out by having both heavy and light days to get the advantages working in several rep ranges. However, keep in mind these are programs geared more toward strength development than hypertrophy.

    If you’re worried about the 15s being mostly “throw away reps” and your body especially tendons are healthy then I would suggest skipping the 15s and start out with the 10s. like Tot suggested in another thread you could then extend the 5s or double the number of times you do each weight to reach the normal 8 week cycle length.

    Sorry that I just don’t know a simple answer to your question I think it just depends on to many things, also note that Blade, who came up with myo-reps suggested not taking them below your 8RM. So when I used them in a cycle I would switch to doing maxstim reps or standard sets when I got down to the 5s
  5. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    thank you grunt for the reply.

    Well i regard both factors: volume and weight as important for hypertrophy and strength.

    The mainstay is still tension overload. But i think in favour of more volume for hypertrophy and in favour of less volume and a higher %of 1rpm for strength development.

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