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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Graeme Park, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    32YO / 183cm / 85kg. Previously very active (Ex Military). Started a HST programme by the book 10 weeks ago and did 9 weeks then was on holiday so took my SD over the next 10 days. I was following a IIFYM diet aiming for 3500kcal per day with the following split.

    Carbs: 317 G per day.
    Protein: 211 G per day.
    Fats: 78 G per day.

    I found it hard to eat clean enough but hit my goals. Put on a lot of weight 79kg to 86kg over 10 weeks (granted some may be due to full stomach and water retention) and took before and afters but didnt feel like they looked alot different. Took measurements but found it hard to compare them as I cannot remeber body position, tense or not etc.

    Measurements were:
    waist 87cm
    hips - 94cm
    chest - 96cm
    biceps - 32cm
    thigh - 57cm
    forearm - 27cm
    calf - 37cm
    neck 36.5com
    shoulders 116cm

    I have just started a new cycle of HST and wanted to tone down a few of the more isolated exercises in favour of more compound movements.

    I previously had a triceip isolation, upright row, lateral raises and ring dips included.

    This is what my routine looks like (plus doing some hanging leg raise and pullups per sessoin)

    Squat x2
    20.5 25.5 30.5 35.5 40.5 45.5 27.5 32.5 37.5 42.5 47.5 52.5 34.5 39.5 44.5 49.5 54.5 59.5
    Chest Press x3
    34.3 36.8 39.3 41.8 44.3 46.8 41.5 44 46.5 49 51.5 54 48.7 51.2 53.7 56.2 58.7 61.2
    Should Press x3
    7 9.5 12 14.5 17 19.5 10 12.5 15 17.5 20 22.5 13 15.5 18 20.5 23 25.5
    Bicep Curl x3
    8.3 10.8 13.3 15.8 18.3 20.8 11.5 14 16.5 19 21.5 24 14.7 17.2 19.7 22.2 24.7 27.2
    Bent over row x2
    16.75 19.25 21.75 24.25 26.75 29.25 21.25 23.75 26.25 28.75 31.25 33.75 25.75 28.25 30.75 33.25 35.75 38.25

    I would be greatful of any comments to see if something is terribly wrong at any level here.
  2. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Am I reading this right, squats are 18 sets of 3 reps?
  3. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    Hi - No sorry. It wouldnt let me paste well from a spreadsheet. What you have there are the exercise name and x number of reps. The figures underneath are the progressive weights in KG that they will use in each session. Example:

    Squat x2
    20.5 25.5 30.5 35.5 40.5 45.5 27.5 32.5 37.5 42.5 47.5 52.5 34.5 39.5 44.5 49.5 54.5 59.5

    This is 2 sets of squats in each session, first session is 20.5kg, next 25.5kg and so on for 18 sessions (3 sessions a week using the 15,10,5 model of HST).
  4. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    So the first squat session for example would be 20.5kg x15 reps for 2 sets??
  5. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

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  6. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member


    Don’t be afraid to push the progression and weights harder if the strength is there.

    Although progressive overload and frequency is key, it’s also Important that the weights are heavy enough to cause stress to the muscles and drive hypertrophy/strength

    Personally I would ditch the bicep curls and replace with chin ups and add tricep dips. I find Chins superior for bicep growth than bicep curls and tricep dips add overall arm size and help improve other pressing movements
  7. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    I can hapily switch out the curls for pullups but struggled with the concept of bodyweight exercises in HST. I didnt really understand how I could have the progression unless I had one of those counterweighted rigs (I dont) and as I would expect that 15 chins would probably not be do-able in one go for me I would need some aid to get through to begin with (I do have a belt to add weights for th 10s and 5s). How would you tackle this? Negatives? and how exactly are they incorporated e.g. 5 chins and 10 negs and then slowly changing the balances?

    I can certainly look at bringing in the tricep dips too -I was curling last night knowing that the tricep makes up more of the arm mass but psycologically it still feels like biceps are more important.

    For the rest though the volume and weight seems in line.
  8. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    For bodyweight exercises you can keep the reps constant if you have a weight belt for example I would do

    Session one 2-3 sets of 8 reps @bodyweight
    Session two 2-3 sets of 8 reps with extra weight

    Then keep adding weight when you can

    Or you can add sets

    So 1x8 week one
    week two 2x8
    Week 3 3x8

    This way it’s stil progressive overload as the volume is increasing

    I try not to get to tied down to the 15-10-5 rep scheme especially with the accessories

    Also I don’t work to much about negatives I think the consensus now are Myo reps are more effective (there are a few threads on here on that)

    What are you goals? Strength or just hypertrophy?
  9. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    The Myoreps is my next question when I get all this sorted - it kind of blew my mind. Only looking for hypertrophy really.
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  10. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    The key at the beginning is keep it simple and add weight each session if you can
  11. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    Cheers Browner. Will post some pics when I get the chance with second round of measurements. Didnt see alot of progress after fist 10months or so but may be over expecting.
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  12. Graeme Park

    Graeme Park New Member

    Following up on this one. I was wondering about the progression. I finsih my 15s and move to 10s, but the starting weight for the first week of 10s is less than the finishing weight for the last session of 15s. This happens again with the 5s. It takes me 2 sessions before I am hitting the same weight as the final round in the previous week.

    Does this not go against the concept of constant progression and overload? I cannot start on the same or heavier weight as I dont have the strength to progress through 6 incremnets if that is the case.
  13. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    That is perfectly ok with HST, part of how the programme was set up
  14. _Simon_

    _Simon_ Active Member

    Yep, totally fine. It's called zigzagging, have a look in the HST FAQ and it talks about it.

    As long as overall progression in the cycle is happening that's fine, it doesn't have to happen every single session. And it's also a nice back off recovery for the system, so I like zigzags :D

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