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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Mojo77, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    With a baby due very very soon I am thinking about reducing training time further down while still getting bigger and more jacked.

    In its most basic form I cooked up this full body routine done 3 times a week in alternating A B fashion.

    Routine A

    Hang clean and press

    Routine B

    Bench press

    All done in a 5/3/1 fashion. Meaning each ab iteration has changeing reps.

    Deload (although I do sets of 7 with the 3x5 starting weight as long as I don't stall)

    What do you think?
  2. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Personally I think if you want "Jacked" maybe swap out the hang clean and press and replace it with strict overhead press. I find olympic style lifts help with power and speed but not so much for size. Also olympic lifts use more momentum, and if you want jacked you need time under tension.

    Also If you can I would put some kind of row in there as well. If your pushed for time maybe on you A workout you could superset the overhead press with a row.

    Let us know how you get on with a minimalist program.
  3. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats on the pending new arrival! Why such low reps? Is power lifting your goal?
  4. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Well thank you very much O&G! Actually, I have not been focused on raising my maxes in the past. So all my lifts are pretty low still.

    I think focussing on strength is what's going to build quality muscle and size the fastest! I might not milk dem gainz but I figure you won't be a like stick finger when squatting twice bw or benching 1,5 bw.

    Good idea Browner. There is indeed quite some momentum when doing clean & press.
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    You should always be trying to increase your maxes from one HST cycle to the next, assuming you are eating a caloric surplus or at maintenance levels at least, different story if in a caloric deficit when you should be trying to maintain strength levels
  6. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    If you want to build quality muscle then you should be training for hypertrophy so sets within the 8 to 15 rep range, agreed the stronger you get you will not be like a 'stick finger' but 5/3/1 is not be the best system for 'hypertrophy'
  7. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    I would also argue that 5/3/1 is not optimal for either strength or hypertrophy imo. If you want hypertrophy/size I would take micks advice on the rep range.
  8. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member


    How much actual time are you allowing per workout?
  9. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    That will depend on time and fatigue at that moment. No more then 50 minutes anyway.
  10. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    I did increase, I meant just not enough. I am still in newb phase where I can keep adding every session.

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  11. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    This puzzels me as wendlers 531 is highly regarded. I especially like the idea of his boring but big routine except that it's an ul split. I want full body so I cooked up a variation I will post later.

    Here is a link to the original.

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  12. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Just be cautious. You are working in the rep ranges that can create the best opportunity for injury, especially at your stage. Make sure your weight is never so high that your form is compromised even a tiny bit.
  13. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    I did the boring but big routine, you need a significant caloric surplus to get you through the latter stages.
  14. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    You could easily fit in a full body HST routine in that time frame, a couple of warm up sets for each exercise then resting for 90-120 seconds you should be able to do

    3 x Squats (10-12 mins)
    3 x SLDL (6-8 mins)
    3 x Bench (8-10 mins)
    3 x Row (8-10 mins)
    3 x OH Press (8-10mins)
    3 x Pull Ups (6-8 mins)

    If you are running out of time then reduce secondary push or pull exercise to 2 sets
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  15. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    I have ran 5/3/1 and its a good program. I just don't think it is optimal for natural lifters. This probably explains it better than I can, but it is looking at it from a purely strength/powerlifting prospective;

    I also think most people can make quicker and better strength progression with a linear progression style program before switching to a more intermediate program when the progression stops. I think you would be better served deciding between strength or hypertrophy? If you want strength I would recommend starting with something like the Texas Method, or if you just want size and to be "jacked" a well laid out HST program like the one @mickc1965 has posted above as it will give you much more than a 5/3/1 program.

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