Fascinating Article On Volume And Rep Ranges.


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Basically hypertrophy occurred with all rep ranges, light and heavy loads, as long as each set is difficult to complete all the reps. 5 heavy reps, 10 medium reps or 15 light reps all stimulate hypertrophy.
Volume is very significant to the anount of hypertrophy stimulus, with higher volume being superior to lower volume.
(Number of sets)
Full article, well written and conclusive imo.
I think the comments section is a nice read. Covers a lot of the stuff we've been talking about around here lately.
Great article and interesting comments.
That whole line of information is why I posted some ideas in a thread on here a while ago for a variation in the HST Model. Not just 'load' progression, but 'stimulation' progression to stay ahead of RBE. (load, volume, ??)