Fat Instead of Muscle when Trying to Gain Mass

I just finished UD2 about 3 weeks ago and it was my first time doing it. Actually, most of my lifts went up in everything, especially on the tension and power workouts. I did it for about 6 weeks, dropped some bodyweight but lifts went up.

I think, reading through the forums there, most would suggest that if you are losing strength you should eat a bit more on the weekends (or whenever the two days after the carb up are).

Usually when dieting hard, shoulder and chest strength are the first to go for me.
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Quote[/b] (VIPER @ Mar. 13 2005,6:36)]Hey Pauly, do you find you lost a lot of strength when using UD2 on certain exercises?
When I did the UD2 for 7 weeks I lost 15-20 on bench.  Most of the other muscle groups didn't loose much strength though.
Cant really say since the only time Ive used it I switched to a PSMF after 3-4 cycles. But I set a deadlift PR on the saturday power WO (405x2), so I suppose my limited experience would suggest otherwise.
Forgot the other question to ask.

I also stagnated after about 4-5 weeks on the program. I lost the weight REALLY quick, but after that it was a done deal. I could have done even more cardio but I didn't have the stamina after all I did already. Did that happen to you the last time?
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Quote[/b] (dkm1987 @ Mar. 12 2005,7:49)]The partitioning effect of working out throws the predominance of ingested cals towards anabolism, the excess adipose tissue is used for energy needs beyond growth, normal daily activities. Hence a lower need for increasing the energy intake. So you aren't making something out of nothing you are just redirecting what and how it's used, of course within modest means as it's hard for our body to do anything beyond what evolution has intended.
Finally a bandage for my banged up skull. Thanks Dan.

BTW, nice progress in your latest pics.