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    hi, I am looking for a good eca stack/fat burner...I usually
    shop at 1fast400.com...

    I got the reccomendation for sans tight in combination with vaspro power ephedrine hci...but the dont exactly fit my needs...does anybody know a really good eca stack that he usually shops? (no ephedra or "copy-stuff")

    it should contain

    (stng s probably written in a wrong way...I did it out of my memory so....)

    or which is an eca combination that had the best result in your opinion?
  2. Lars

    Lars New Member

    If you don't want any "copy stuff", get Ephedrine HCl, mix with caffeine and aspirin. I'm not sure that's easy to get, though...

    I'm using Stacker-2 at the moment and I'm pretty happy with it. Considering ECA is banned over here I guess I'll have to do with what I can get my sticky, fat fingers on, though ;)
  3. Guest

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    what means banned over here? where?
  4. Lars

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    "Banned over here" means it's illegal. Ephedrine can be used to make drugs like speed, and hence they've banned it.

    "Over here" is Australia (oh, and most of the rest of the western world)
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    they're not in the united states?!?! but clenbuterol is...thats strange:)

    and in australia I think theres a lot of stuff thats illegal, same as in europe...I thought It would be the same in Aust. as in the US...

    I think here in Europe resp. Switzerland you have got the hardest pharmaceutical laws...and the supps are so ***** expensive...(2pounds of normal whey are around 50 Dollars)...thats why I shop in the United States...
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    any other ideas of products? what are you using? there are 1 million products and I have no idea which one I should take...just an eca or a thermogenic or?

    give me some recommendation
  7. santrim

    santrim New Member

    I shop here:

    D&E Pharmacy

    Order these three things:

    1) 400 capsules Ephedrine Sulphate (25mg)- $39.96
    2) 200 tablets Magnum 357 Caffeine (200mg)- $15.95
    3) 180 capsules Grapefruit Formula - $20

    That's about $76.

    Three times per day (when you wake up, noon, and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon), take 2 Ephedrine (50mg), 1 Magnum 357 caffeine (200 mg) and 1 grapefruit formula capsule. Skip the aspirin unless you are obese. If so, take half of an adult size aspirin (about 160 mg). The Ephedrine and Caffeine will last you 66 days, and the grapefruit will last 60. So your looking at a perfectly good EC stack for about $38 a month. This is several dollars cheaper than most of the pre-packaged EC pills (TrimSpa, Ripped Fuel, etc.).
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    thats also a cheap one...but I am not sure about the quality...
    vasopro ephedrine HCI (hci means chemical version?) is also just 7 $ for 60 tablets a 25mg

    ECA STACK 19.90 $
    Thermodynamic Activator
    Protected by United States
    Patent #5,055,460

    What's in it?
    Active Ingredients: Ephedra, Caffeine, Acetylsalicylic acid
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 capsules
    Servings Per Container: 60

    Ephedrine alkaloids (from standardized whole plant ma huang extract): 20mg
    Caffeine (33.6mg from standardized bissey nut (280mg)): 200mg
    Acetylsalicylic acid: 324mg

    Other ingredients: rice flour

    ECA STACK Directions: Take two capsules with a full glass of water, three times per day: morning, noon, and early evening. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.

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