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I'm trying to start a new program to build power for all-strength and timbersports. I'm not sure if these are good sport choices for my 6'2",165lb frame. But its more of an interest/hobby thing that I will follow where it takes me. I'm already leaned out about as far as I can go (about 12%BF). Now I want to build power and strength specific to these sports. I also play softball from spring to fall and would like to become a major force on the field. I have a pretty good leg workout but am bored to death with arms. I'd like to know what nutrient ratio and caloric intake I should be aiming for. I currently eat NO REFINED sugars, (very little bread, just bran cereal in the morning and 2 slices of deli rye mid aft. Dairy is only 2 glasses of skim milk/day. Tons of fresh fruit and veg, dried fruit and almonds. Lots of chicken, tuna, occasional steak. Protein shakes at night post workout. Although I eat ALL day I'm almost always starving. Help me! Where do I go from here? :confused:
Go to Anabolex.com and find "Pinus Strobus aka The Big Tree".

He is a Timbersports competitor. Tell him "Mega" says hello.

He should be able to help you.
At 6'2" and 165 you could probably get away with putting on some weight. You sound really active, so I bet if you ate more to get rid of that starving feeling, you wouldn't gain much and it would be all muscle if you did. That's a really low BF percentage as well, so getting too fat should not be a concern for you. I'd make sure I was eating enough protein if you don't add calories in any other way. Try to eat some protein with every meal- about 6 times a day- and you should be able to get rid of that starving feeling. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water, dehydration will make you feel hungry even when you're not. I've read that a strategic dose of fish oil before a meal will make you feel fuller without adding many calories- and all good calories. As for arm training boredom, there are 2 things you can try. Go really heavy, even cheating a bit if necessary, for a change of routine and to scare them into growing. Or go really isolated and try to make them cramp on every rep with preacher curls, "Scott" curls, triceps pressdowns on the lat machine and triceps kickbacks. All of these will help to get a really hard contraction at the peak of the concentric part of the lift- and really squeeze at the top for a second on each rep. No way to be bored if those puppies cramp up after a set or 2. It feels good, I swear! ;)