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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by Jester, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Hey, was just wondering if I could get a quick check on the numbers here for my 5x5 SF training...first timer.

    Maxes for 5 reps
    Bench - 100kg, 5kg increment
    Dead - 130kg, 7.5kg increment
    BB row - 107.5kg, 5kg increment
    Squat - 80kg, 5kg increment - yeh, these are laggin [​IMG]...I haven't done them in a LONG time..until just recently... [​IMG]

    So, for Monday first week I'm going to to go these numbers on the 5th sets:
    Bench 90kg
    Row 97.5kg
    Dead 105kg
    Squat 65kg

    Wednesday - Light Day
    Squat 4x5
    High Pull 4x5
    Chin 4x5 - not exactly sure of which weight to use
    Military 4x5 - use my 5RM

    Friday - Med Day
    Bench - triple @ 92.5kg
    Row - triple @ 100kg
    Dead - triple @ 110kg
    Squat - triple @ 70kg
    So am I in the ball park ?

    Key thing to note for my goals is that Deads >>> Squats for me....but I want to bring everything up. It looks like a lot of work, but considering that the first 3 sets each day are not even approaching 5RM...

    Oh and I figured I'd use 10kg increases between warmup the guides all go with 20lbs for this weight range.

    EF sample
  2. Jester

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    Anyone . . .I wanna know if I'm starting @ the right place?

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