Finished 8 weeks and SD. Now what?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by ackileez, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. ackileez

    ackileez New Member

    Do I restart after SD with a higher REPMAX and do the same plan,?

    I think thats what you do right? keep upping your maxes?

    SO if my current max for bench was lets say, 260.

    260. so my routine backwards would be 240,220,200,180,160 x # of reps.

    And after SD, it should be 280?

    So my workout would be 180,200,220,240,260 then finally at 280.?

    thanks guys
  2. T-man

    T-man New Member

    You either determine new repmaxes by lifting the weight, use a calculator based on current weight/reps, or just increment weight to everything after SD and figure the increments backwards. I usually try for new maxes after completing a cycle: 15's on Monday, 10's on Wed., and 5's o Fri. Then SD. Then start a new cycle with the new weights.

    If your current max weight for BP is 260, you should have an idea how much you can add for the new cycle and still hit your reps. Figure the weight increments from that. If you guess high, you'll likely have to repeat weights. Guess too low and you can add volume or extend the cycle.
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  3. ackileez

    ackileez New Member

    you alternate every other day 15's 10's and 5's?

    how was that compared to 15's for 2 weeks..then 10 for 2 weeks and so on.
  4. T-man

    T-man New Member

    No, I said after the entire cycle of 15's, 10's & 5's is completed, and before SD, take three more sessions to determine your new rep maxes with the 15's on Mon, 10's on Wed, 5's on Fri. Then SD. Or, you can use a rep max calculator, or you can just add 5-10lb to each lift your next cycle.
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  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    For simplicity, you can just extend the 5s, attempting to increase the load each session, until you find new 5 RMs and use those for your new cycle. But regardless, you should be finding new maxes before you SD, not after. I recommend finding new 5 RMs in the way I described for everything and then using those to estimate your new 15 and 10 RMs. Then SD, then start the new cycle.

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