Frequency of Protein Consumption

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by ajntorinj, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I believe I may have seen this answered here once before, but I cannot find the thread.

    If protein isn't comsumed at regular intervals throughout the day, can that hinder strength and mass gains? As an example, I consume 170 g of protein per day, and many times 100 of those grams are consumed from 5PM to 11PM. This is mainly on off days that this sometimes happens. On lifting days, protein consumption is split a bit more reasonably, though I suppose it could be better. Thanks in advance.
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    Not likely to make a really big difference. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    Yes, that would make a HUGE difference. Your body cannot utilize that much protein in that little of time. Not only would it be a waste, but would likely be hard on your kidneys. You should eat your protein in many small meals throughout the day, so that when your body needs the protein, it has it. If you are eating all your protein in the evening, what happens in the morning? Your body has to pull the protein out of your muscles instead of getting it through your diet. Look at any competative bodybuilder, do you think they eat their protein just in the evening? No. A good source of protein in the morning is very important, because you are comming out of a catabolic state. Protein only lasts a couple hours at most in your system and then it's work is done. That is why you need to eat some protein every couple of hours.
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    wrong ^
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  6. Not true

    Can be true but not likey with healthy people.

    Although no harm in doing so, it's not really necessary

    Not really relevant unless you are talking deprivation or in an energy deficient diet.

    Again nothing wrong with doing so per se, but not because of catabolism.

    Depending on way too many factors to list here. But overall an incorrect assumption.

    Wrong again, pulse feeding patterns versus spread protein feeding patterns have shown little difference in Nitrogen balance, depending on other substrates and overall energy balance.

    Bottom line, it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't necessarily help either. You should concentrate on your timing around your workouts more than feeding your face with protein every couple of hours. Also make sure you are maintaining an overall ENERGY surplus, these will help with nitrogen balance.

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