Full Body A B C Split?

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    So hi. I am 27 years old ex powerlifter with 10 years expirience in gym, which 4years serious training with sheiko type programs and 6 years Just going to Gym and do some bench, chins and overhead press.

    I am thinking to start again serious lifting but this Time with bodybuilding and trying to mainitain healthy joints.

    So that leads to the question, can you do a b c type of hst cycle where you do the Basic 15s 10s 5s cycles, but using different exercise for every muscle Group on different training Session per week. I was thinkin to try this because my joints are pretty eager to cause overuse symptoms.

    Now i wrote that it sounds pretty silly question now:D but i am not specialist on this kind of programming so i will ask...
    Is there any reason not to do this? Exept motorlearning and trackability of different exercises?

    Sorry if my english is bad, its not My main laguange. Thanks
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  2. mickc1965

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    I believe an A, B, C routine assuming 3 workouts per week can be done but you would have to increase the length of the overall cycle so set up would be as below

    Week 1 @ 80% of 15rm
    Week 2 @ 90% of 15rm
    Week 3 @ 100% of 15rm
    Week 4 @ 80% of 10rm
    Week 5 @ 90% of 10rm
    Week 6 @ 100% of 10rm
    Week 7 @ 80% of 5rm
    Week 8 @ 90% of 5rm
    Week 9 @ 100% of 5rm
    Week 10 - retest rep maxes?
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  3. ryzd

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    Okay:) thats pretty much one of the variations i was thinking of... Now i know i am not going to do something completely stupid by stand point of this program. Thanks for verifying it.

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