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  1. so my girlfriend knows that i have been trying to gain some weight over the past year or so.  so she came across this quote and after i read it i almost passed out.
    100 lbs... i have only put on like 20
    what the heck? :confused:  [​IMG]
  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    How to gain 100lbs of mass and 24 inch pythons . . .

    1) Say your prayers
    2) Take your vitamins
    3) Be a real American. Fight for the rights of everything man.
    Hulkamania Specific Training. THIS is where the power lies, brother!!

    100lbs sounds plausible with Bale, because his previous role was the Machinist. In that role, he dropped 60lbs and was scarily underweight. Now, keeping in mind that he had previously bulked up for American Psycho, you're probably only talking a 30-40lbs swing of completely new muscle gain, if that.

    Good fit between Bale and Bruce Wayne BTW. He's a terrific actor in the right role.

  3. sorry for the double topic...
    100 lbs.. so big
    i havent seen any of his movies so i cant say how good i think he is.. but i might already hate him for gaining so much muscle [​IMG]
  4. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Nah, from pictures I've seen of him for Batman Begins, he's not 100lbs heavier from an average person.

    Again, he trained himself severely, severely thin for Machinist. Man was a walking rib cage. From that kind of starvation state, guy would regain weight very quickly.

  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    From the previews I've seen of Batman Begins, he doesn't look that much bigger than in American Psycho. Still, 100 lbs does sound a bit plausible if they are counting from when he lost all that weight... which they probably are, since reporters and such like to make things sound like a lot more than they actually are.
  6. GothicSerpent

    GothicSerpent New Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure he means 100lbs between his role in The Machinist to Batman Begins. The dude ate only an apple and a can of tuna a day to drop 60 pounds or so for The Machinist. I think he was down to 130 or so. He wanted to go lower but the producers thought it was too dangerous.
  7. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    An apple and a can of tuna a day?!

    Hmm, he might be on to something... How much you to bet this shows up as a new diet pretty soon?
  8. all that weight changing cant be good for you right?
  9. A brief aside: some years back, while in an abusive relationship with a man who would become enraged when she ate anything of substance, my ex-girlfriend followed the very starvation diet described here: an apple and a can of tuna per day. (She also ran six miles every day.) She became so malnourished that she developed cracks in the palms of her hands. Her doctor had her gradually incorporate more healthful foods into her diet, starting with low-fat cottage cheese. She said that first spoonful of cottage cheese was the richest, most delicious thing she'd ever tasted.
  10. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    100 lbs? Typo at best, or they included the weight of the suit. If he lost 63 lbs, got down to 130 or so as someone stated, and gained back 100...hmmmm, that puts him at 230 lbs at 6'2". He doesn't look 230 at all, but hey, who cares, he makes more money than me.
  11. steini

    steini New Member

    DC got up from under 150 to 300 over the years, right!?

    He doubled his bodyweight. lol :D.
  12. precious_roy

    precious_roy New Member

    I would say its possible. I have added 45 pounds in 2.5 cycles of HST (approx 5 months), I am an extreme hardgainer at a genetic disadvantage, and it is not my job. I think the principles of HST to be exceptional. In addition eat properly, modify the program as you see fit and you can add or subtract any amount of weight desired.

    "Put your mind to it and you can acomplish anything."
  13. 45 lbs... good job roy. you are the man [​IMG] i have put on like 20ish in about3.5/4 cycles. must be my diet......
  14. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    he says.

    He never has shown pictures of anything less than the beast that he is now, for quite ambiguous reasons. Not to mention he recommends pretty ambitious gear cycles.
  15. precious_roy

    precious_roy New Member

    My real breakthrough came from monitoring my diet. I actually sat down and charted what I ate in a day and realized that it was far less calorically than I had thought. Also, at the begining of the day, I take a water bottle and make a 80 g protein shake which I drink slowly throughout the day, which helped out immensely. EFA's in proper proportion to your diet...pretty much what anyone else here will tell you, just make sure you do it and don't be aphathetic about it. I used to moap around going "Im a skinny guy, I cannot possibly get to weigh that much." But I set a goal, and I have long since abolished that weight just by being positive about it.
  16. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    When I got serious about weight training I weighed in at 165 lbs. at 6'1". I have been at my largest 255 lbs (17%bf though). That took several years. I am not saying someone can't gain 100 lbs, but for it to all be muscle and to do it in the time span that he did, well... :confused:
  17. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Good for you. Bale is in his 30's, as you are only 23, right? So you gaining 45 lbs. in 5 months is more believable than him gaining 100 lbs. Are you pretty lean then? Being a "hardgainer" and all, that is usually the case. 45 lbs. pounds on a lean frame for a "hardgainer" is pretty impressive to say the least.
  18. precious_roy

    precious_roy New Member

    Yes, 23. I guess being young has some advantages :)

    I have not taken a body fat measurement in a while, but staying quite lean. I am a vegitarian also so I pay double attention to diet. That also helps because I can manipulate my fat intake much better (ie low saturated fat).

    I would actually like to get a little bigger before I start to trim down bf%, but I will see how the final cycle of the summer turns out. I dont really know how I would look at say, 220 seeing as how most people remember me as being deathly thin. It might kind of scare them. Love the HST.

    Gains are most impressive yourself BIZ. What is the maintainance weight you shoot for now (235 abouts?).
  19. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Yeah, I have been hovering around 235-240 for a while now. Feel and look better.

    By the way guys, I saw "The Machinist" yesterday and man did Bale look sick. He looked anorexic as hell. He actually got down to 121 for the role, gained 100 back, but was bloated and a little too pudgy for the Batman costume, so had to trim back down to about 190, which explains why the pics I saw didn't add up.
  20. Canuck

    Canuck New Member

    Almost anything seems plausible with steroids or drugs of some sort.

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