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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by AderynGlas, Apr 11, 2014.

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    So, it's been just over 3 months since I last hit the gym and in the mean time my gym has also closed. With a second baby on the way the Mrs has already made it clear my x3 nights in the gym are going to be curtailed so instead of feeding £300-£400 into someones else's coffers I've decided to kit out my home gym.

    Took a look @ Fitness Superstore and popped into their local shop and got quoted £790 for a Squat/Bench rack, a new bench and a Oly bar with 140kg weights. Was going to go for it until I thought I might be able to do something a little cheaper and smaller (limited by Garage space after all).

    So, I'm wondering what key bit's of equipment I should get/build:
    1. Bench - Might build on, might buy one, undecided,
    2. Squat/Power cage - I'll build this out of wood,
    3. Pull up/Dip station - somewhere,
    4. BB/DB/EZ bar/Tricel bar,

    Only thing I'm unsure if i'll need would be some sort of cable system. Used one in my last gym and quite liked it, but I guess rows etc can be done with DD/BB's.

    Here's some ideas of what I'm aiming for:
    Power Rack
    Bench Rack

    Any ideas or experience welcome.
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    I purchased a half rack, olympic bar, dipping bar and 180kgs of weights from back in December, best decision I have made as now able to train as and when even if only for fifteen minutes - I found the overall price was cheaper than fitness superstore at the time. The reason I opted for the half rack rather than a full cage was it doesn't appear to fill the small space even though the footprint is the same.

    Bodymax CF470 Heavy Half Rack
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