glycogen depletion in boxing

coach hale

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another question?

what would you calculate a boxers mmol glycogen depletion would be assuming he is throwing 80-100 punches per 3mrd at a moderate intensity? Obviously this is a very general question that has other concerns as far as precise calculation, but any idea would be appreciated.

He weight 150 6% bdft.

Anyone have any idea

it is estimated that at 70% max weight when wt training results in .35 mmol/ kg second of work performed

any ideas on converting this rate

coach hale

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there's no way to come up with an even moderately accurate guess. just assume "a lot" and take in a lot of carbs post workout.
I'm in agreement with BoSox. Be extremely generous with post-workout and post-sparring carb intake. Treat and boxing drills and sessions as a workout in themselves. Eat plenty of carbs before and after training - especially after! If you notice too much weight gain, cut back some.
Maybe if his glycogen was comprised of isotopically tagged carbons, we could watch as it got metabolized. Otherwise, I agree with the 2 previous comments. Just eat alot of carbs
haha. i just got whooped in boxing today. a little black eye and welt on the cheek.

i take taekwondo class on mondays after working out . it's so tiring my body screams for carbs. you really do got to eat a lot of carbs or else you'll feel very depleted.

not to mention i eat a hundred calories more than the usual workout days since sparring burns away some calories too. just playing safe so that calories burned < calories eaten.