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Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Gossip' started by golfnut, Nov 6, 2015.

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    First off, this will probably be more of a question for someone who is well versed in this protocol, as it applies to bodybuilding.

    Do you agree with the concept of supercompensation and if you do, here's my question. It's been said that if you deplete glycogen stores (in the muscle) that your muscles will pull in more glycogen, for future workouts (supercompensation theory). Most people say that you accomplish this by a diet restriction (especially carbs) and after a few days of this, you reintroduce carbs to you diet and your muscle will pull more in, creating a fuller look.

    Intense exercise has been shown to deplete glycogen stores (in the muscle) within 20 min. So, now for my question.

    Couldn't I just do intense exercise, to deplete my stores and then drink a simple carb (juice) afterwards? Do you think this would accomplish the same goal of supercompensation.
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    Not passing the buck, but you will get the absolute best, most evidence based answer on Lyle McDonald's Facebook group; 'Body Recomposition'.

    Request to join (you'll get it) and ask there.

    IMO ... ? You can replenish to maximum retention, and hardcore depletion is the best way to it (and carb up afterwards etc.). But you can't/won't peak above what you're normally capable of. IMO, the 'super' applies more to the speed/efficiency of compensation and not degree.
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    Thanks a lot for the advice. I am going to connect with him. The whole super compensation protocol, has always had my attention and I hope to find some enlightenment on the subject.
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    The normal levels for an athlete are about 110-130mmol of glycogen per kg of muscle. If you deplete the stores to about 25mmol/kg, you may accomplish a supercompensation of something like 170-190mmol/kg - way above the normal levels.

    To deplete the supercompensated stores you have to do 10-12 sets of 12-15 reps per bodypart (half of that to the synergists).

    To supercompensate the stores you have to eat 12-16g of carbs per kg ok LBM. A LOT!

    Everything is detailed in Lyle´s UD2 book (and in The Ketogenic Diet)
  5. golfnut

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    Thank you but I'm still curious if intense exercise would accomplish the same goal of depletion? I have read that intense exercise will deplete glycogen stores, in about 20-30 minutes. So, do you think you could still supercompensate in the same manner.
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    It´s estimated that 45sec of exercice using 60-70%RM depletes about 30mmol of glycogen - more less 5g of carbs. You could try to do some math and see if you will really be depleted.

    Anyways, if you accomplish the task of depletion, you will probably supercompensate.

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