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    Hi! I just finished my first day of HST after 2 weeks of SD. I realized that my triceps was already tired after inclined BP and Dips which is why i'm thinking of dropping iso's completely. My routine would then consist of:

    squats/leg press
    calf raises
    inclined BP
    wide lat pulls
    seated rows
    upright rows

    i was also thinking of doing this 5x / week to maximize burning calories since i would like to become lean first prior to bulking. How much sets would you recommend for the 15s, 10s, and 5s if do the exercises above 5x / week?

    I currently weigh 186 lbs with 22% body fat. How much calories should i target for cutting along with 5x / week full body routine?

    Also, i'm on a really tight budget so i would be conserving my usage of whey protein to 3x / week. What is the best alternative to whey as a pre-workout drink?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    1. Go with 2 sets to start off with. If you find that second upper body exercise can't be done @ 100%, then alternate for 2 sets of dips and rows, then tomorrow 2 sets of incline and pull down and then the day after back to dips and rows etc.

    2. Before you play with calories, try this 5x a week frequency. If you're aiming to cut then this may be just the ticket. If you find yourself overly fatigued then add in some carbs, but make sure you aren't gaining weight.

    3. Take your whey and spread it over 5 days. Something on every day is better than nothing on some days. You can add skim milk to your whey - more protein, albeit a large chunk is casein. Also, an hour or so before your workout consume some sort of meat or 4-500mls of skim milk. This will help balance the reduced whey intake.

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