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  1. TunnelRat

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    "At first I didn’t think Max-Stim would make any difference at such a low weight but it actually did. Had I done a straight 20 reps I would have slowed down toward the end as I got tired but in this case I was able to keep the concentric speed as fast on the last rep as the first."

    It is an amazing technique.

    "I wasn’t sure about the timing of the M-Time so at first I tried counting but that was screwing up my rep count."

    Yes, sometimes I have trouble with that as well. Once the weight starts getting heavy, I have better luck watch the clock.
  2. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Good, I was hoping as the M-Time increased using the clock would make it easier.

    Yes I never thought I would really be doing power training as part of the beginning of a HST cycle but essentially accelerating up 60-65% of a 1RM as fast as you can is effective power training. Being able to maximize the speed of every rep does feel amazing.
  3. Totentanz

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    Do you have a stop watch? I just keep one with me during my workouts.
  4. grunt11

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    I’m using the stopwatch app on my android phone because I can read it from across the room. But for the shorter times it seems so far just easier to go by feel.
  5. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I did my “A” workout today Dead Lift, Incline Bench and Wide Grip Lat Pulls. Although the weights are still light, about 65% of my 1RM, I wanted to get a feel for supersetting the M-Time reps so I did a superset of all 3 exercises. It took some getting use to but by the 5 rep or so I had a good rhythm down. Doing 60 reps, 20 of each, took 17 minutes which worked out to about 17 seconds/rep. All of these reps are being done with as fast as possible concentric and medium-slow eccentric. I wasn’t rushing and even took a quick water break at the 10 and 15 rep marks.

    When I finished I wasn’t even breathing hard and the rep speeds and quality stayed the same throughout. This will stave off the boredom of waiting to do the next rep of the same exercise once the weights get heavy and save some time too. Though at this lighter weight an M-Time of 17 seconds took longer than had I done it one exercise at a time. Since I have the capability, home gym, and time, short routine, I will probably stick with supersetting my 3 main lifts just to stay consistent.

    Just for the record I’ve also added in Close Grip Decline Bench Press for my triceps and Barbell Curls for my Biceps since my arms are a weak link and don’t get much of a workout from the compound exercises done at lighter weights.

    I’m also doing Dumbbell Flyes and Decline Lateral Raises to help make up for my shoulders getting hammered from all the pressing movements last time. As the weights get heavier I plan on morphing these two exercises into stretch point and peak contraction movements respectively.

    I’m also finishing off with 15 straight reps, slow concentric, fast eccentric of the 3 main lifts to get the blood flowing.
  6. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I did my “C” workout today (Squat, Standing Shoulder Press, Close Grip Lat Pulls) supersetting my M-Time reps for the first time with this routine. It worked out even better than doing my “A” routine because I never even had step out of the rack for the next lift. Since my power rack came with 2 sets of hooks I had one barbell set up for Squats inside the cage and the other set up for the Shoulder Presses on the front of the cage with the lat pull station right overhead. So the most I had to do was turn around. I’ve always had an easy time getting under the bar and positioning for a squat so racking and unracking is a breeze. I took my time, again 17 minutes for 60 M-Time reps, so was never out of breath but sure started sweating.

    It sure feels like I started out my pulling movements to light so I’m going increment them faster until I feel them working as much as my pushing movements.

    So far I’m really liking the feel of doing M-Time reps. They just seem so much more productive than trying to hit an arbitrary number of target reps per set.
  7. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Hey Grunt, reading about ultra running, I was wondering - how did you work up to running so many miles in a week?

    I topped out at about 30 miles a week this past summer and started having a lot of trouble with my knees. Illitibial band syndrome pretty much screwed me out of a good 5K time. I really don't know if my problem was insufficient warm-up, upping mileage too quickly, or weakness in my legs.

    I like to run, but no more than 6 miles in a day. After that I start getting injured. Are you just genetically gifted or do you have any tips for a guy who wishes he could log more miles?
  8. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Probably a combination of things prior running experience (started cross country in 1975 and did my first ultra in 1988), genetics (most of my ultra running has been in the 135-150lb range though I usually carry 15-25lb of kit), proper running technique (most people who haven’t been coached well or self taught well really don’t run properly), good running shoes (I get the right style for my gait and change them out when worn out), majority of running off road (dirt trails first choice, blacktop next concrete as a last resort). I also keep a fairly slow pace when running long distance or medium distance every day, say around 8-10 min miles. I’m also thought to be a bit insane by most who know me. ;)

    IMO the order of importance in of the factors you can control are:

    Poor technique (including pace)
    Bad shoes
    Weight carried
    Running surface

    Of those weight is probably the most insidious. If you think about doing a 40k with an average stride of 1 meter is 20,000 footfalls per foot. A 1lb weight increase over that distance add up to 10 tonnes/foot. Ouch!

    Even if you’re a genetic freak you won’t likely be doing any serious distance running if doing heavy workouts that hit your legs or lower back. You might want to restart at a lesser distance after correcting any of the above issues you might have and cutting down on the leg work. Ease into it increasing your distance no more than 5-10% per run giving your body a day between runs to recover at first. If you can up the distance successfully then try every day but remember that running intensity ups recovery time just like lifting. If you find there a distance you can’t exceed w/o trouble you might try running with an AM/PM split getting in more distance in a day but in separate sessions.

    Hope this helps. I’m happy to answer any questions you have but I have to leave for work right now.

  9. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I did my second “D” workout (Dips, Cable Row, Calf Raises/Shrugs) yesterday. So far this one feels like the easiest of all my routines and will likely stay that way as the increments increase.

    One thing I forgot to mention first time around is that because I’m doing my dips inside the cage of my power rack using Olympic bars across the safety bars, I was able to rig up a counter weight system using the high pulley station by attaching in to my lifting belt and turning it around backwards. It works really well though it was a bit of a pain to get turned around so the hook was in back when I hade 40lbs on it the first time. However, as the counter weight is dropping attaching it is easier.
  10. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    I run mostly on the street or my treadmill, with little flexibility on that. My shoes? I keep a nice pair of Nike Zoom Triax - I had my feet and gait analyzed a while back and they were recommended to me by the expert on hand at this really awesome local running club in Decatur, Georgia. I really like them and think he knew what he was talking about. I am trying to build some muscle, which will weigh me down a bit - but I don't think I want to go back on that mission (my wife wouldn't be very pleased either). The remaining item is running technique. Are there any resources you could direct me to? Are you speaking of POSE running? I don't think much about my stride and have not bought into POSE or barefoot running like some of my buds - but I'm willing to take advice from someone with such high mileage under his belt - you must be doing something right to maintain 70 miles/week. :)
  11. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Your situation sounds like typical overuse injuries which are usually caused by the things I mentioned before. Most of which it sounds like you have covered or can’t change except the technique which is usually the problem for most people who are otherwise fit.

    POSE could work for you because it eliminates “Over Striding” or heel striking which causes the most problems for people. It will likely help both your knee pain and Illitibial Band Syndrome. Actually anything that eliminates Over Striding will likely help.

    I’m not a big fan of barefoot running just to many dangerous things to step on these days, nor have I ever tried the Vibran Five Fingers since traditional running shoes have always worked for me. This could work for you since by nature it tends to eliminate Over Striding.

    Other things to do is to keep your legs strong, shouldn’t be a problem here. Always warm up and stretch after running. Try to avoid running down hill. Also try not to run on uneven surfaces like a road shoulder with a steep roll-off, or if you must even it out so both legs get the uphill and downhill side for an even amount. Especially don’t increase your distance to quickly 5-10% increases only. If you run with someone else learn to keep your own stride and not to sync up with theirs.

    Also if you find you are having more problems after running on the treadmill you might consider getting another one that has more give to it which will reduce the strain on your joints. Most good treadmills are not a problem in this respect nowdays.

    Sorry I can’t give you a specific resource for running technique right now but if I spot something good I’ll post a link to it. In the meantime you might check out Youtube.
  12. TunnelRat

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    ''I’ve always had an easy time getting under the bar and positioning for a squat so racking and unracking is a breeze.''

    I usually have a bit of trouble getting under the bar until I'm thoroughly warmed up. I've got stiff shoulders.

    Even so, a lot of folks like to urinate and moan about how "difficult" it is to unrack and re-rack the bar for Max-Stim. I've found that, after a bit of practice (and you get a lot of practice of re-racking with Max-Stim), I can do 20 MS squats in about eight minutes.

    Of course, the main thing is to follow Rippetoe's advice of a simple two-step set up, rather than spend a lot of time shuffling around.
  13. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Yep, I take only 2 couple inch steps back and I’m set. Seldom ever feel the need to adjust.

    Yesterday when I did Squats I supersetted them with Close Grip Lat Pulls and Standing Shoulder Presses. It took just under 15 minutes to do all 60 reps with water breaks at 10 and 15 reps.

    I was having less luck with the benching movements so I’ve been starting them from the safety bars set at chest level. I actually like doing it that way so far since it eliminates any chance of my cheating. I’ll see how long I can keep doing it that way as the weight gets heavier.
  14. grunt11

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    Today I started the 3rd week and the 4th time through my A/B/C/D routine. I set the progression so that I would be at about 75% of my 1RM at this point and boy does it feel a lot different than when I started at 60%. Hell it feels a lot different than even 70% did. I mean today really felt like a workout.

    Up to now I was incrementing all my exercises by 10lbs except for Calf Raises and Shrugs 20lbs. But now I’ll be dropping the increment to 5lbs for the push and pull movements which will keep me in the 75-85% of my 1RM range for 4 weeks instead of just 2 weeks.

    I also crossed the line today from doing Lat Pulls to BW Pull Ups.

    I’m still sticking with M-Time reps and suppersetting my 3 main exercises. This time it was Dead Lift/Incline Bench/Wide Grip Pull Up. I finished all 60 reps, 20 each, in 18:30 taking quick water breaks every 5 reps.

    Based on how this felt I’ve dropped all the assistance work except Barbell Curls which I might ditch tomorrow if I feel it’s hurting my pulling movements. In line with this I do have a question.

    I feel like the weights for my pulling movements are correct but I’m just not feeling the work with them the same way I am with my pushing movements, nor did I notice the same gains with them the first time around. Do you think it would be better to keep some assistance exercises for the pulling movements or might it be better just to increase the number of M-Time reps for them from 20 to 25 or 30 to see if that makes a difference. I’m incline to keep it simple and just increase the number of reps but any ones thoughts are welcome.
  15. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I worked out PM today because of working day shift one weekend a month. I started the 5th increment in what I plan on being 12-15 weight increases over this cycle with no zigzagging. Today I did:

    Dead Lifts 205lbs x 20 M-Time

    Incline Bench 130lbs x 20 M-time
    Superset with
    Wide Grip Pull Ups BW+5lbs M-Time

    I spit off the Dead Lifts and did them alone this time and only superset the reps for the Bench and Pull Ups. Good thing too because my lower back was toast for about 5-10 minutes after finishing the Dead Lifts.

    Also, I’m still starting the Benches from the bottom, off the safety bars, doing concentric first. Had a bit of a problem when I first started them. My left arm felt really weak, really having to push harder to keep up with the right on the way up. After two reps I figured something was really wrong and then I noticed that when I added weight going from the last warm up to the working weight I mistakenly put one of the 10s I had pulled off back on the left side so it was 10lbs heavier than the right. Took it off and my left arm didn’t feel so weak anymore.

    I’m really liking how the M-Time reps feel especially now that the weights are starting to get heavier. Each rep feel so much more productive than trying to get a set or two of 10 or clustering to finish a set.

    I may take tomorrow off since I’d have to work out PM and then again AM on the next morning, but I’ll see how I feel energy wise.

    Well it’s been 11 workout weeks since I started lifting again with one week of SD and I’ve gained 13lbs. A little more than the one pound a week I was shooting for but I took two weeks off work during the holidays and spent most of that time watching anime series in my home theater causing me to do a bit more snacking than intended. Now that I’m back to work my diet will be a little more strict again. My goal this cycle was to get up to a body weight of 160lbs and I’m at 151lbs right now. If I can stretch this cycle out 9 more weeks I should make it a 1lb/week.
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  16. grunt11

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    I had a lot of energy after work so I went ahead and worked out again today PM since it’s a fairly easy workout because of no Dead Lifts or Squats.

    Flat Bench Press 145lbs x 20 M-Time
    Superset with
    Parallel Grip Pull Ups BW(154lbs)+5 x 20 M-Time
    Calf Raises 225 x 20 straight set
    Shrugs 225 x 20 straight set

    Again I started the Bench with the concentric pushing off the safety bars. However, I think I’m getting close to the point were I’ll have to switch to the standard way to get the extra kick from the stretch reflex.

    I finally have grown back some good calluses on my hands after having ripped some of them off back during the 5s of my first HST cycle with 300lb+ Calf Raises and Shrugs.
  17. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    You're a better man than I. There have been a few times when due to injury I couldn't do either squats or deads. It hardly seemed worthwhile to go to the gym.
  18. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I know how you feel. When I was powerlifting the only workout I looked forward to was Squat/Dead Lift day, the push and pull days just felt like I was treading water. That’s why I’m trying the 4 day cycle where I Squat or Dead Lift every other day and on the in between days I’m doing Calf Raises and Shrugs so I’m at least picking up a fairly heavy weight every day. Though Calf Raises and Shrugs sure aren’t Dead Lifts or Squats.
  19. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I went ahead and worked out at my normal AM time today which was about 14 hours from last nights PM workout. None of today’s exercises were really going to strain the muscle groups I did yesterday so if figured it would be ok. I also thought I would get a feel for doing a split that close together since some people prefer AM/PM splits. So today I did:

    Core Exercises:
    Full Squats 195lbs x 20 M-Time
    Superset with
    Barbell Upright Row 70lbs x 20 M-Time
    Supported Dumbbell Rows 50lbs x 20 M-Time (superset left and right sides)

    Assistance Exercises:
    Decline Close Grip Bench Press 90lbs x 20 M-Time
    Barbell Curls 65lbs x 20 M-Time
    Flat Bench Flyes 17.5lbs x 20 (straight set)

    I should note that all along at the end of my workout I’ve been doing a metabolic set of 15-20 reps of the core exercises with half that days working weight.

    In my core exercises I switched Standing Shoulder Press for Upright Rows. At first I dropped them this time around because they were hurting my left shoulder but I figured that was because I was going up to high. So after some time off I decided to go back to them because with Incline Bench/Flat Bench/Dips my front delts were already getting hammered so I swapped the Upright Rows back in for the Standing Shoulder Presses. I started out light and this time made sure only to go up to my nipples. So far so good. If it stays that way I will progress them a little faster to catch up to the other weights.

    I also switched out the Cable Rows for Supported Dumbbell Rows to save my lower back as the Squats and Dead Lifts get heavier. I also think the Dumbbells Rows are more effective since I get a greater range of motion than with Cable Rows.

    Since today was a fairly easy upper body day I added back in some assistance work to keep those lifts progressing at least once a week should I choose to keep using them on some days.
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  20. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    I just finished the fifth increment cycle in my A/B/C/D routine which would be the weekly equivalent of finishing the first week of 10s.

    Core Exercises:

    Dips BW(154lbs)+5 x 20 M-Time
    Superset with
    Close Grip Chin Ups BW154lbs)+5 x 20 M-Time

    Calf Raises 235lbs x 20 straight set
    Shrugs 235lbs x 20 straight set

    Assistance Exercises:

    Flat Bench Flyes 17.5lbs x 20 straight set


    1 mile jog

    My arms sure felt weak after doing the extra Curls and Decline Close Grip Bench Press yesterday. Don’t think I’ll be doing that to often.

    I added in some cardio, the first I’ve done in 3 months and boy could I tell. I felt like I needed to do something since I was starting to feel the loss of endurance doing day to day work activities. One nice thing is cardio comes back fast for me so even as I was jogging I started feeling better at it.

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