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Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by imported_ilFacell, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. The ENTIRE plate-loaded series over @ Hammer Strength are amazing. Very smooth and natural feeling, they comprise 5/7 of my exercise selection. Two thumbs up to the Jones family!
  2. Jon Stark

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    I second that. The wide chest press machine was about the only chest exercise I could do back when my shoulders were fubar. Zero pain. And building strength on this machine certainly translated into improvements in my "real" bench press performance.

    I also like their seated preacher curl machine. I like that peak load hits at peak contraction -- hard to reproduce on other equipment. And great for HST, since you can easily do two-up, one-down reps during the negatives.

    A similar but harder to find line of equipment is called Strive, I think. Like Hammer Strength, but the nifty "gimmick" is that there are multiple places you can load weight, such that you can customize the level of resistance over the range of motion. You could make curls get progressively harder or easier as you contract, for example. Or you could make them hard at the bottom AND at the top. Whatever. Kind of makes it harder to keep detailed records though, since you really need to keep track of how much you lifted and where you loaded the plates on the machine.

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